Here are some basic steps towards writing a bulk email.

1. Write and edit in a word processor.

Although it’s easy to write an email with Outlook or another platform, for grammar and style reasons it’s best to begin writing in a word processor. For one thing, this will allow you to spell-check and revise grammar quickly. For another, it might allow you to focus better on the actual content of the email than writing it using the email provider’s canvas, which might rush the content. Take your time, and then paste the result onto your email.

2. Don’t CC everybody!

Using Bcc (or blind carbon copy) will keep peoples email addresses private, which is a nice thing to do. But beyond that, many people will think that they are receiving a personalized email, which is nice and means that they will be more likely to open it.

3. Make the Title Intriguing

Internet savvy individuals are saturated by internet content in general, but especially email. Nobody likes spam. When writing a mass email, one has to do everything in their power to make the recipient interested in the email and keep it out of the bulk pile. An unusual, funny, or captivating title might do the trick. When writing, keep in mind that your email title will be the first and only thing a recipient sees before the body of the email. Put effort into this step to avoid the fate of the spam folder, your worst nightmare in this case.

4. Personalize!

This step separates the men from the boys (and the ladies from the girls). It requires more effort than the other steps in the mass email writing process. Work with a body and introduction that are captivating but general enough for your entire audience. When it comes to an introduction, there can be a salutation or phrase that is individualized. If you break recipients down into categories based on surveys or market research, you can personalize based on interest. If you have 1000 recipients, you don’t have to personalize 1000 emails. Instead, you can have 100 emails for people interested in gardening, 100 emails for people interested in basketball, and so on. This will engender the idea in the recipient that they are receiving a personalized email, but still keep carpal tunnel at bay for the writer.