How To Write A New Blog Post

-by Chris Alta

Hey what's going on everyone, this might not be a broad topic but today you're going to read about "How To Create A New Blog Post." Again this subject might not seem too broad but I'm sure there are new bloggers out there who need a little push writing a new blog post, so lets jump right into it.

First you're going to need to establish your purpose for writing this new blog post. Are you writing this new blog post for fun or are you writing your new blog post for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes and are targeting a certain niche? Basically are you trying to get found?

If you're blogging for fun and aren't worried about getting found in the major search engines then just write for fun! You can honestly figure out what to write about based off of a conversation you might have had earlier during the day. Something you saw on TV, something funny your dog or cat does, unicorns, candy, literally anything. So for the writing for fun type of writer I would definitely recommend just writing freely and for fun. Once you stop having fun with your writing you won't want to write anymore. So keep it fun!

As for the SEO/Niche blogger, your post needs to be researched! What I like to do is go to other blogs within my own niche, and then look at the user comments to see if they asked any questions. Then if I feel I'm knowledgeable enough to answer that question I'll write a new blog post about it. So for instance their question might have been "how long does it take you to write a blog post?" I would then go to the Google Keyword Tool, and enter both a short tail, and a long tail phrase into the GKT.

Short Tail: "write blog post"
Long Tail: "how to write a blog post"

I would then organize the search terms by relevance and see what matches best. Also it's good to see how many searches your particular phrase is getting searched, and how much competition there is for that phrase. I suggest using long tail phrases because it's more precise and you're more likely to get found in the search engines after you build your back links.

Then you just go back to your blog site, or web 2.0 article site (InfoBarrel, HubPages, Squidoo, EzineArticles, etc) and see if the title is available. You're going to want to match your permalinks so that they're identical to your keyword phrase that you're targeting. For example I want to get found for the phrase "New Blog Post" So my post title is "How To Write A New Blog Post." My permalinks would then look something like this Notice how I have "New Blog Post" in my title and in my permalinks.

After you've included your keyword phrase in your title and permalinks, you're going to want to include your keyword phrase in your post about 5-7 times as well. You will want to do this because Google's "spiders" will only index the first 160 characters of your content, so you want to make sure you have your keyword in there a solid amount of times. They want to see that your content matches the keywords, and that it's relevant content. So don't forget that!

After this it's up to you to go build some back links! Personally I feel it's better to write good content and let your content get found via social media sharing and word of mouth. However it doesn't hurt to build backlinks!

As far as getting an idea to write a new blog post, you can use the comment tip or you can actually head over to and search for books that are related to your niche. Once you find a book you'll be able to look inside the book and you can check out the table of contents. From there you can definitely get some great ideas from the names of chapters and different sections.

Things You Will Need

- To have fun with your writing!
-An open mind
-Google Keyword Tool
When it's all said and done you've got to keep it transparent and real like I do at my website. Your readers don't want to read something a computer put out there. Instead they want something that can either give them value, inform them, or can relate to them. I hope you've enjoyed this article, remember to have fun and to get creative!

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Tips & Warnings

You can always get ideas from other places but NEVER STEAL anyone else' content!