Newsletters can be a fantastic way to grow your business and with email, it doesn’t even have to cost you postage anymore. So how do you write a newsletter and what should you put in it? Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding this topic. 

Q. What program should I use to make my newsletter?

A. Microsoft Word is one of the easiest ways to make your newsletter. If you have a good idea about formatting, you can start from scratch with a blank page or if you need some assistance Word has templates you can use. Simply delete their words and insert your own. No formatting required! 

Q. What sort of content should I include in my newsletter?

A. Why it’s fine to include information about your products and services, you need to write it based on your audience’s enjoyment. They should look forward to receiving your newsletter and if you spend the whole time plugging your product, they will soon switch off or stop reading it to start with. You should aim for 80 per cent reader enjoyment and 20 percent marketing. 

Q. So what sort of things should I include for reader enjoyment?

A. How to articles are great, interesting articles, articles that encourage your audience to engage with you. An example is: An Astrology Newsletter – include star sign predictions, include DIY information on how to interpret a chart, pick current trends and write your article around it: example 50 Shades of Grey is trending now so an article like “What would Christian Grey’s Star Sign be” would attract readers attention. 

Q. So what sort of things should I include for the marketing component?

A. Here is where you list any current promotions or competitions. Also include new product or services you offer or write a bio on any new staff member that joined your team. 

Q. What else should I include in my newsletter?

A. Always include your contact details and links to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Q. How should I distribute my newsletter?

A. Your options are either by postal mail or email. Both have advantages. With postal mail, people are more likely to read it (especially if it is in an envelope addressed to them), but you have to pay postage and buy the envelopes which can get pricey. Email is the free alternative. You can send it as an attachment and write a summary of what’s inside in your message part, which encourages people to open the attachment. 

Do you have any other questions about writing a newsletter? Feel free to comment so we can include it in our next article.