While sites like Infobarrel are great ways to earn revenue, a niche blog can let you grow your income fast while letting you write about something you love. Sites like Infobarrel and Hubpages let you earn from your content. But they have to take a percentage to survive and allow you to keep writing for them. That is not to say that you don't get what you pay for. Infobarrel and Hubpages are great ways to earn money because they already have a good standing with the major search engines, and have an active writers community. In the case of Inforbarrel, you get 75% and even up to 90% of the earnings. This is close to a 100% from your own niche blog. You have the support of the staff and community, an already formatted site which allows you to get articles indexed quickly, and you don't have to do upkeep. You just write!

Yet, even a site like Infobarrel may not be a "be all to end all" platform for online earnings. Niche blogs have made many people wealthy, but you have to know what you're doing and be ready to write, market, promote and manage your content. The key to a niche blog is to find something you like and know about, and then write about it! You have to be prepared to write about it every day, and if you aren't ready to write 365 articles on this subject a year, then it's probably not the one you are looking for. Yet even when you find a subject you can write all day about it, it may not be the one to bring home the income you deserve for your hard work.

Google keywords is "key" here. It's a simple, free program that lets you search the demand for a certain word or phrase, and the Cost Per Click (CPC), which is the amount of money the ads will earn. For example, try typing in "wine" into Google keywords. Numerous words and CPC amounts come up, all with varying search traffic. Pick something with a high level of traffic in relation to its CPC, and start writing about it.

So once you've found the perfect topic, you have to find a way to get it across to your target audience. There are a number of sites out there that let you write blogs and one of the best known is Wordpress. It's a relatively easy site to use, and has a good standing with Google. Play around with the style of your blog, and start writing. When you write articles, title them with your keyword and make sure you sprinkle the keyword throughout your article. A good niche blog is informative, yet has keywords everywhere, easy to read, and yet manages to get the right ads placed by Google.

Finally, once you have some content up, make sure to include backlinks. Backlinks are links to other sites, and are a big plus when Google decides where to place your website on its page rankings. This is where sites like Infobarrel become even more important. If your niche blog is about cat grooming, then write an article about that on Infobarrel and link back to your blog from your article. This will help drive traffic to your blog through Infobarrel and will also increase your standing with Google. Although I'm not one of them, many internet guru's say that backlinks are key.

To recap:

1. Find a Niche for your blog.

2. Write about it every day or two.

3. Backlink it with other sites.

4. If you have done your research and promotions properly, watch the income stream in.