How To Make Money From A Blog

The first step to making money from blogging is to host your blog at a free blogging site. There is no need to reserve a domain name, pay for hosting each month, and invest the time to maintain the site when you can get all these services for free. To find these websites that will host your personal blog for free just perform an internet search for "free blogging web sites".

People who look to make extra money online often wonder how to make money from a blog. There are many people out there looking to make money with their blog, so you need to find a niche(or separate yourself in some way) in order to gain readers and be able to earn income from your site. Look around and see what others are doing with their blogs.


making money from blogging

For example, if you want to review restaurants in your local area on your blog that is fine. However, chances are someone else is already doing that. You need to get your readers to read your blog instead of your competition's. You can do this by maybe focusing on steakhouses specifically, or seafood restaurants specifically, and making that the centerpiece for your blog. This way when people think of a steakhouse(for example) and want to read an honest review they will think of you because your blog specializes in steakhouses. Think of a way to separate your blog from everyone else, if you can find a good niche you can make good money blogging.

The most popular way people are making money from blogging is by selling advertising space on their blog to companies. There are many, many companies who are happy to pay you to place their advertisements on your site. However, you need to have enough readers for them to want to advertise. The more regular readers you have, the more you can charge for advertising space. Companies will pay a lot more to advertise on a blog that has 20,000 monthly readers as opposed to one that has 700 monthly readers. More readers equals more money, simple as that. This is why you need to find a niche and update regularly, so people will visit your blog in the first place, and then will also come back on a regular basis.

There are large search engines that will pay you to advertise on your blog, but this is not always the best option. For someone who has an extremely small readership this can be a good way to generate money if you are not able to sell advertising space to anyone else. However, the key to making money from blogging is to maximize the space on your blog to get the highest dollar value possible. A good way to find potential advertiser's is to perform an internet search for "find advertising for my blog". Make sure to shop around and don't take the first offer that is given to you. Do your homework, talk to a bunch of companies, and get the best deal you can, your wallet will thank you.

Being visible and giving people an easy way to find you is key to making money from blogging. For this reason it is also a great idea to try and network with other bloggers. You can do this by sending them an email, telling them about your site, and asking if they would like to link to your blog and in return you will link to their blog from yours. Reciprocal links like this are excellent ways to find readers, and the best thing is that it is free to do. This way if you run a blog about seafood restaurants, and you can get a link to your blog from someone who blogs about wine, for example, you can substantially increase your readership.

Look for blogs that are related to yours in some way. Like the example given above, if you write about seafood, search out people blogging about wine(as the two go together), or if you live near a body of water that fisherman use, see if you can find a blog about fishing and contact the owner about linking to each other's sites. This way if you can get a reciprocal link(they link to your blog, you link to their's) all those people who are reading about fishing will see your blog on local seafood restaurants, that is targeted traffic and it is invaluable.

Blogging can go from just an attempt to make extra money online to a full time job that provides a very nice income. There are many people that do this as a full time job and do very well financially. You have to keep writing to continue to attract readers to your site though. If you slow down with how frequently you write then people will stop coming to your site and go somewhere else to find the information they are looking for. Most people's attention span is short and they want as close to instant gratification as possible, always remember this when writing. You need to keep the information coming if you want to not only keep your readership, but grow it as well.


how to make money from a blog

Once you have your idea of what you want to write about then you can follow the steps listed above to make your idea happen. One final thing to note however, making money from blogging(just like everything else in life) takes time and effort. Don't think that if you make 3 good entries you will suddenly have five hundred regular readers. You need to update regularly with quality material and get your name out there, once you have put in the effort to do this you will start to see more and more readers. However, patience is the key to making money this way. 


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