Are you trying to figure out just how to write an article?

roll up your sleeves

You have been studying the internet, and trying to figure out how to make money online, only to stare at a blank page on your computer screen. You have purchased and read all those books that promise you the moon on the internet, and how each month you will be richer and richer.

You say you will not buy another how to make money online book again, only to be lured by another one. Those sales pages get your curiosity going, and before you know it, you are pulling out your credit card to purchase, yet another "how to get rich fast" on the internet book.

But lately you have noticed, that there is another way. It is not as fast, but more of a passive income for the future. After spending all that money on how to create websites, sell products and more, you are thinking you might just try this article marketing idea.

You may have started out by trying to find some free advice online instead of buying another ebook or online course. As you typed in your keywords into the search box, you started reading and noticed that many of the sites that came up with valuable information were in fact, articles not websites. These articles were helpful and full of information. So you start thinking maybe you will try writing,

So, you get yourself set up with Article information site, such as Infobarrel, and you get yourself a google adsense account. You read the policy pages, and the instruction pages, and other peoples articles, and you have been researching some subjects, and now you are sitting staring at a blank page listening to the crickets in your head!

There are two ways to write an article.

The first way, is to just take whatever comes to mind and just type, in no particular order, just type what comes to mind. Keep typing thoughts about the subject, opinions, how you would do something, and once you start writing, your brain's creative side comes back to life, and your fingers can't keep up with the thoughts that are now pouring out of your head.

Now you need to print off these pages of garble, and sort them into an article or two or four! This all depends on how much you know about a subject and just how much you typed in. This is one way to do it.

Well here is a second way to get started on "how to write an article".

1. Take your subject and write five statements about your subject. These would be subtitles.

For example: If your subject was all about knitting, then you would write down at least five subtitles about knitting that come to mind. Usually if they come to mind, it is because you know a few things about them. This is also a helpful way to get that brain going. So, you may write these subtitles:

types of wool

hand knitting

machine knitting



that type of thing. You can change them around. As you write them down, say them out loud, and see if any thoughts come to you on that subtitle

2. Then take each of the above statements, and elaborate on them. Write something about each one. Some facts, or anything you know about each of your statements. If you are totally familiar with the subject, this should be easy to do. If you want to write a 1000 word article, then try and write at least 200 words for each of the statement or subtitles

You can write an introduction to your article, or ask a question that your article will answer. You can also keep the subtitles, and highlight them in bold, or break them into new paragraphs.

Then add a conclusion or a paragraph that summarizes your subtitles, and you are off to the races! Just make sure and do a spell check and reread your article to make sure it makes sense.

3. Put them all together and tweak them to fit, and there is an article!

Articles about subjects you know about are the easiest to write, but make sure and do some research, so that you can offer as much information as possible to a reader.

Do some keyword research, there are many free keyword tools, such as Google Keyword search tool. Use your main keyword in the title, and once again in the first 90 words or first paragraph, and then sprinkle it and a few other related keywords throughout your article, but not too many times, you want this article to make sense. This will ensure that the ads that are on your article will be about similar niches as yours.

The idea, is that someone will read your article, and then click on one of the ads and you get paid.

Article marketing can take awhile to get going. So, get out of that mindset that those ebooks you were buying put you in! It will take some work to start a passive income online, but it can be done. If you are looking for some way to make money with the internet, that does not include paying out cash, as for websites etc, then by learning how to write an article, and then writing at least one good article a day, you are building a presence online.

Your articles will get more and more views, depending on the subject or niche you picked, and someone, somewhere will click on your articles and read them while you are sleeping! This is passive money. Some people have been lucky enough to start right away making money with articles, but many need to build a lasting presence.

So, pick a subject you are familiar with. You will be surprised just how much you know! Take a pad of paper around with you, and as you go through your day, you may just think of something that would be worth writing about!. Write it down, because it leaves our brains quickly with the demands of life. Then when you get a chance, do some keyword research and see just how many other people search out this subject or niche.

So, if you want to know how to write an article. write down your title, and your subtitles, elaborate on each of them, and then get that article out on the web. Then don't sit back and wait.. write another one! You can do it!