Online Dating Tips

If you've decided to try online dating then knowing how to write an online dating profile is key. Unlike real world first impressions, online first impressions are two-dimensional, picture and profile. In order to create an attention grabbing third dimension, you must put together a truly dynamic profile. Your online dating profile is what will determine people’s interest in you. Here are some effective tips on how to write an online dating profile.

These effective, tried and tested methods for writing an online dating profile will portray you in a fun way, attract attention, allow you to stand out from the crowd and make people want to get to know you better.

The first step is to select a several reputable dating sites and register on them. There are many dating sites out there, with both free and premium membership. Many of the sites have a specific geographic as well.  There are some dating sites which generally target users within the US seeking others in the US other dating sites are focused on different countries or regions, such as Elena's Models which features single Russian women or those which feature Taiwanese girls.

When you create your online dating profile, you will need to choose a user name. Choosing the right user name is important.  Make sure to choose one that spells fun! This is the name that members on the dating site will know you by initially. It is best to start out with an anonymous name, until you meet a really interesting person and decide to reveal your real name. Let the online user name you choose reflect your personality and create interest to entice people to click your profile and learn more about you. Avoid choosing offensive, childish or sexually provocative names.  Think about the qualities of the person you would like to meet and ask yourself if the user name you have chosen would appeal to that type of person.

While men find inspiration in beauty and will be most drawn to the online profile photo you choose, women find are more attracted to feelings and words. For women, focusing on putting up pictures that show them in the best light and with an attractive smile is important. For men, it’s the written profile that counts.  Of course men should include a profile photo as well.  Online dating profiles with photos receive substantially more views than profiles without photos.  This also does not mean that women should pay scant attention to the written online profile.

One of the best ways to write a really good online dating profile is to get a close friend to help out. Friends, especially close ones, can tell it like it is, and will be able to point out all those stellar qualities and positive aspects to your personality. More often than not we tend not to notice our best qualities or feel embarrassed about flaunting them. Writing your online dating profile is not the best time to feel shy!

When writing your online dating profile, avoid telling your life story. For example, where you went to school or what you majored in, in college is really irrelevant at this point. You will come across as boring with a capital ‘B’. What you write has to be dynamic, interesting and humorous. The reader has to be interested enough to start wondering out loud about the things you said in your profile. It should make the person start asking questions and wondering about the person behind the profile. When curiosity is piqued by an interesting profile that can make someone laugh, the messages will start filling up your inbox.  Take a look at some of the other profiles on the dating site you are using.  You will find a majority of them of usually rather short and rather boring.  You can use this to your advantage by writing a profile that truly stands out from the crowd.

Avoid using clichés and dishonest statements, sooner or later if you do strike up a friendship with a person, the truth will out and you will end up looking very foolish. Clichés are yesterday’s news and dating poison, they should be avoided like the plague. What you put into your profile has to be imaginative and creative. Simple statements like how much you enjoy your dog’s company or the beach should be portrayed in highly imaginative ways.

Always spell check what you have written; it is an insult to people to put out a badly written profile with grammatical and spelling errors.  Like it or not, spelling and grammar matters to a lot of people.  Using poor grammar and misspelled words will create the impression among some people that you are either uneducated or simply couldn't be bothered to take the time to create a well written profile because you aren't serious.  You will come across as a total nut job, not worth bothering with.  Also, while it shouldn't need to be said, always avoid using slang or foul language in your online dating profile.