Written Goals Are Powerful

This article describes how to craft and develop your goal statements so that they resonate with your ideal desired results. I will cover four easy steps to help you get the most out of your written goals. Then I will give you a super-secret tip that I recently discovered, that will take your goal-setting program to the next level of accomplishment. 

Writing down your goals is a powerful process. Reading them everyday makes your written goals even more effective. However, goals that are written incorrectly can, often, stave off the very accomplishment they seek to materialize. 

The reason for this is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. This law works for thoughts as well as flocks of birds or attitudes among people. Whatever you focus on expands.

Therefore, a goal that states something like I wish I were thinner will only perpetuate a situation and circumstance where the person reading that over and over will continually wish they were thinner. 

This is why it is important to write your goals in ways that match your ideal desired result, and not your current situation. In this article I will explain the process and language that you should use to be sure that your goals always reflect the intention that you have in mind. Writing goals that describe the outcome of your desire as already done is one of the most powerful self-help lessons that anyone can learn. It is also quite easy, once you understand the concept.

This process can be easily applied to finances, fitness, relationship, and goals for material possessions such as homes, cars, or even a new wardrobe. Just do the best you can. Done is better than perfect. You can always adjust your goals along the way to them. 

There are four steps to the process of writing goals that match your ideal desired results. 

Step One

Define Your Desire

Clearly define what your desired outcome is. 

For this article we will choose and stick with one example. Earning more money always tops the list of goals people set for themselves. It seems that no matter how much a person earns, that more would be appreciated. In this example we will use specific amounts, but remember to adjust the topic to fit your own individual situation.

Let's say that it is your goal to increase your income to $4000. per month. That amount each month would allow you to buy the things you need, take the vacations you wish to go on, and help out your kids in the ways they deserve.

Don't sell yourself short. These are your goals. Think big and achieve big. However, be sure that (although you may set a high goal) it is still believable to you. 


Step Two

Write Your Goal

Write your goal as if it were already done.

The natural tendency when writing a goal for this desire would be to jot down something like this:

I really want to earn $4000. a month. 

That statement may very well be true, but on an energetic level, it reinforces the fact that you want to do such a thing. Repeating that to yourself will keep you in a position where you want to make four grand for the rest of your life. 

Remember that another definition of the word want is lack

A better way to write such a goal is from the perspective of it as already done. Try to arrive at something like this for a start:

I earn $4000. a month.

That phrase is much closer to the way making that much cash would actually feel. It doesn't reinforce the fact that you lack it. And it resonates at the same energy that actually earning that money would. In other words, it feels closer to the way accomplishing the goal would feel. 

Now on to step three where we will improve upon this statement. 

Step Three

Refine The Statement

Refine the statement, and add emotion.

Emotion is the most powerful form of thought. It sends energy into the world and it always attracts a responding vibration, whether you are sending the emotion deliberately, or by default.

A focused, emotionally charged intention can be a seriously effective law of attraction and goal setting tool. Infuse your goal statement with emotion for an added bang for your buck. Here is an example of doing so with the goal statement we have so far.

I love the joy and pride I feel from the fact that I earn $4000. a month. 

See how much more dramatic that feels? That is what we are going for. It is the emotional power that causes hope, believability, and accomplishment. 

Set Big Goals
Credit: (c) EspressoForYourGoals.com / all rights reserved

Set Big Goals

Step Four

Add Detail

Now that you have a refined goal filled with positive emotions, it is time to add some details that will drive the point home. 

In our example so far we have this statement: I love the joy and pride I feel from the fact that I earn $4000. a month. Adding details to this would involve things like what accomplishing such an intention would help you do. Also you can expound on how it will feel once it is a living part of your life.

In addition, you can add your intention to align your own vibration with the frequency of your goal accomplished. This is advanced goal setting and deliberate creation. It is, indeed, the cutting edge of self-improvement.

In our example, your phrase may end up something like this:

I maintain a vibration in alignment with confidently earning $4000. or more per month. I love the experiences of Joy, Fun, Abundance, and Gratitude that come from being able to Have, Do, and Give anything I choose. Thank you.

Now, read the above goal statement with conviction and energy. Then compare the way reading it feels to reading our initial written goal below.

I really want to earn $4000. a month. 



That is the four step system for writing and refining your goals to resonate at the same frequency as you ideal desired result, and not at the frequency of what you lack or need.

  1. Define your desire.
  2. Write your goal as already done.
  3. Refine the statement and add emotion.
  4. Add detail to expand on how accomplishing it will feel.

It is a powerful practice that can make a huge difference in your self-improvement process. 

Try it with your own goals. Craft them to the best of your ability then refine them to sound as convincing and emotionally charged as possible. Remember, done is better than perfect. You can, and should, update and improve upon your goal statements as you make your way to seeing them accomplished.

Read your goals everyday. Yes, you must also take action to get things done. But clearly defined goals and powerfully written goal statements that resonate with your desired outcomes are one serious tool for deliberate creation and accomplishing your dreams. 

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My Super-Secret Tip

Write your goals on three by five index cards so you can read them easily every day. Then on the back of each card (and this is the super-secret tip part) write the following:

This is the reality I choose now to experience.
I love knowing it is already done. Thank you!

Then after you read your goal everyday, turn the card over and read that phrase you have written on the back. Consider both sides to be notes from your higher self, telling you how things look and feel from the point in the future where they are already done. 

Remember that no goal can exist without the resources to accomplish it. Believe in your goals and draw those resources to you through your daily belief that you are on the way to something that is already done. Then take massive action in the direction of your dreams to the best of your understanding and ability.