Writing online doesn't have to be difficult. However, many people who do it work at doing it very quickly and not everything that is produced is of value. Because of this it is a good thing that you work on making sure that your work is something worth reading and is well developed. It does take longer, it doesn't always make more money (at least not right away), but it does provide a lot of great benefits. One of them is real fans. People will come back and read your work if you write something of quality. They are more likely to share your work with others and recommend you. They are also more likely to bookmark your articles with social bookmarking sites or link to them from other web pages. All of these things mean good things for you as a writer. So, how do you do a good job writing online articles?

Write What You Know.
It has been said millions of times, "Write what you know!" While this isn't always the funnest thing in the world to do, there is a great reason why you should do that. If you are writing what you know you are more likely to produce pieces that are easy to write, but more importantly easy to read. They will be well organized articles that do a good job of explaining your topic to the reader. You aren't likely to come up with an article that is choppy or put in a bad order because you actually know what you are talking about. You will also find that you have a lot more to say about topics you are familiar with, even if you do a lot of research on topics that you don't know much about.

Go Back To the Basics.
Sometime in school you probably learned to write a five paragraph essay. These essays were written with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. While you should probably write more then five paragraph, it should be noted that it is a good idea to stick to this concept. Write an introduction, write several body paragraphs, and finish with a conclusion. Keep it simple and it will be easy to read.

Do A Little Research.
While you are writing something that you know and you should have a lot to say, it is a good idea to do just a little research. This will give you a little bit of background and will allow you to check your facts. While we often know a lot of what we speak when we write what we know, it is best to be sure that what we are saying is true. Facts are sometimes hard to hold onto and it is sometimes easy to give false information with the best of intentions. Just make sure that what you are sharing is good information.

Make a Basic Outline.
An outline is a great tool for writing great articles. You don't need to have a complicated one, but a basic one will be of great help. Write down your title, write down the basic paragraphs, and then check the order to make sure it works well. Finally, add any details that you need and any facts that will be hard for you to remember. This way you will have a plan and it will be easier for you to write your article.

Format Your Article.
It is easy to write an article that flows all together and continues to share all that you have to say. However, without good formatting this easy to write article will be difficult to read. Reading from the computer screen is harder to do then reading in print which means that you should take care to format your article with that in mind.

  • Always double space between paragraphs, this will make it easier to see where the paragraph starts and stops.
  • Add titles. Splitting up your sections is a good idea. You should add titles to guide your reader. For example, the title "Format Your Article" lets you know that this section is on formatting. Everything under that title is then about the formatting of the article.
  • Use bullets and numbering to make things easy to follow. Bullets should be used for lists, such as those that don't have an order. Numbers should be used when the list is a list of steps that need to follow an order.

Keep An Eye On Your Title.
Sometime it is easy to come up with a title that sounds good and then find yourself wandering away from the topic. You need to make sure that your article actually gives people the information they wanted when they clicked on the title. If you find your article is leaving your title behind then you need to either change your article or adjust your title. Your title should provide a promise to your readers that your article fulfills.

Reread Your Article.
Once your article is completed it is time to reread it. During this time you want to check for spelling and grammar errors and make sure that it is a well ordered article. Now is the time for you to fine tune what you have put down on paper. You should fix any little errors and figure out how you feel about the article as a whole.

Add, Delete, and Rearrange.
Once you have your article looking pretty good you should add any additional information that can make your article more complete. Some people suggest writing poor articles that require a lot more additional information in order to answer the questions that the reader has. This is so they are more likely to click on your ads. However, this strategy makes it harder to get readers and harder to build up a fan base. While you might make more money in the beginning, this will eventually taper off with well written articles getting more traffic, being recommended by your readers, and bringing your readers back to your articles. After you have added all the details your article needs to be complete you should delete anything that isn't really relevant. This will make your article easier to read. Finally reread your article one last time and rearrange the sections as needed for an article that is easy to understand and fully answers the questions your readers are likely to have when they come to read your article.

Writing online articles can be easy to do. You can write hundreds of articles if you are careful about it. You can share all the knowledge that you have and do so in a great manner. With a little bit of planning, careful formatting, careful writing, and a little bit of editing you can write a great article.