When you write how to articles there are certain steps you can take to optimize your adsense profit. This article will guide you on writing how to articles that will make adense profit.

Things You Will Need

To follow the steps listed in this article on how to write how to articles that will earn adsense profit.

Step 1

adsense profit The first step to earning adsense profit writing how to articles is to write about topics that people are going to be searching information on. Popular categories that people frequently search for information on are health, beauty, weight loss, finance, investing, diets, and electronics. Write how to articles on these popular topics to earn adsense profit. Do not write how to articles on topics people are most likely not searching information on such as "how to spot a raccoon at night", or "how to buy a cactus". Articles such as these do not have a good chance of earning much adsense profit.

Step 2

The second step to earning adsense profit writing how to articles is to do keyword research for your how to articles. There are web sites that will tell you how many people are searching for a particular keyword, and how much advertiser competition there is for that keyword. You want to use keywords that have a reasonably high number of searches(at least 1,000 per month), and also have a high level of advertiser competition(choosing these keywords can help you make more adsense profit). You can find web sites that will give you this keyword information by performing an internet search for "free keyword research tools".

Step 3

how to articles The third step to writing how to articles that will make adsense profit is to promote your articles on social networking sites and free article web sites. By doing this your how to articles will get exposure to more readers and you will have more back links to your articles which will help you in search engine placement. You can find free article web sites by performing an internet search for "free article web sites". Array

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