Writing can be tough business for some people, especially when they believe that it has much to do with waiting for inspiration. Actually, sitting down to write has little to do with inspiration and more to do with discipline and sheer determination.

Although it can take a while sometimes, the most important thing for you to do is to sit down and commit to just getting whatever is in your head onto that screen. Whatever it takes, just get it out. It actually requires one simple thing that you must do in order to get the words out and let it flow. And that one simple thing to help you write more words is to focus enough on the SUCCESS of writing and give yourself permission to say whatever you want. That's right.

You see, most writers have a little editor in their heads, a censor if you will, or some like to refer to it as a chattering monkey. This little annoying voice will tell you, sometimes loudly, sometimes subtly, that you have no talent, or you don't know what you're doing, or you don't know what to write about. The truth of the matter is that if you can develop the ability to keep that little voice from getting to your work, you can get more done and write A LOT more in much less time. Trust me.

Relaxation Technique to Create Focus:

Here are a few simple steps you can try to see if it works for you, as it has worked for me and many other writers:

First, as you sit down to your computer, relax your whole body and get yourself into what I like to call a calm and reflective state. You must be able to relax your entire body first and foremost. Just sit in a comfortable position and imagine a soothing and calming sensation flowing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Second, while relaxing, clear your mind of any negative emotions or stress that you may be dealing with. It requires a bit of willpower, but the pay off towards writing more words is more than worth it. Just imagine yourself writing the words successfully, effortlessly. You have to feel it. You're already sitting at your computer, so just imagine that you are writing all the words you want to write and you're having as much fun as possible watching the word count add up immensely.

Third, after you can relax your body and imagine yourself working effortlessly while writing more words than you normally do, you can give yourself somewhat of a pep talk while in your relaxed state. Just tell yourself, "I am a successful writer, and I write effortlessly and creatively" or some other powerful sentence that may work for you. But be sure to say it like you mean it, and once again, you must feel it. Have fun with it. The pay off is great.

On To Writing More Words:

After you've done this, which depending on how fast you can get your body to sit still and relax, it should have taken you anywhere between five to ten minutes.

Next, open up your writing software and go to work. Just remain in the same state as you were when you were relaxed and pumping yourself up with your affirmation about writing more effectively and creatively. Take that confident energy with you as you write your work, and use your determination to just get the words out as fast as possible. The reason for this is so that you don't slump back into a negative disposition and really throw out any chances of increasing your ability write successfully.

The idea is to write the words as fast as possible so that once you get into the flow of it, the chattering monkey in your head won't have time to catch up. Instead, that little editing critical voice will turn into your writing voice, and you'll begin to see just how much you can write when you've mastered your own mind and filled yourself with more self-confidence to just do it.

Final Tips:

Keep at it. This is just a simple little relaxation technique that some writers may pick up faster than others, but it does work. If you can relax your muscles and pump your body with positive images of you writing consistently, the writing will begin to take care of itself. Just have fun with it. And good luck!