Before You Begin

Once you decide to write online you must understand that it will take quite a bit of work to get to where you want to be. Writing online for income takes more work than a regular job and for less money, at least in the beginning. If you continue to churn out great content on a regular basis you'll start to see your income increase over time. In the beginning you will probably only make a few cents or dollars which can be frustrating to say the least. Don't write a few articles and then give up you must keep at it and if you want success you must try to write something everyday. Say you write two articles each day of the year. After one year you would have 730 articles of content. That might seem like a lot of work but in reality it isn't that much writing. The hard part would be coming up with that many titles. The best thing about writing is that there is a limitless amount of content you can write about. So before you begin be ready to work hard and after time you'll start to see great results.

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Making Money

Most sites will pay you a few different ways. The first way you can make money is with a upfront payment. With this form of payment you'll get paid for writing each article. This can range from a few dollars to $15.00 or more. The most common form of payment is what is called revenue sharing. With this payment method you'll earn income from advertising placed on your articles. The content site will do this for you and all you need to do is sign up for revenue sharing with Google Adsense or a similar program. The content site will tell you which program they use. The most common one is Adsense which is used by most content sites such as Hubpages or Infobarrel. Some sites will allow you to make money with affiliate programs. You'll earn income on the sale of products displayed with your writing. This method is often optional and you can decide if you want to use it or not.

Creating Content

The hardest part will be deciding what to write about. The easiest way to start writing is to take something you love to do and write about it. This can be anything from gardening to fixing up a car. If you write about what you know in the beginning you'll have a nice start to your article writing career. You won't need to do any research since you already have the information to draw upon. Make a list of articles and cross each one off as you go along. Once you have exhaust your ideas there are a few ways to keep writing great content that will keep paying you by using evergreen articles that are discussed below.

Evergreen Articles

The best way to earn money on your work is to write what are called “evergreen articles.” These are articles that never go stale and are always going to be in demand. Some examples are “how to garden,” “how to change a tire,” “The History of the Roman Empire.” These titles are always going to be sought after by Internet users. So one of the best topics to write about are the “how to” style of article. How to articles are great because they give information to people who are looking for it. These kinds of articles can bring you great traffic over time since there will always be someone looking for that topic. There will always be someone needing to know how to bake break or how to grow basil in a garden. For these titles you'll probably need to do some research but the results will be worth it over time.

Pen and Paper

What Not To Write About

Try to avoid news, sports, and other stories that fade after a few days or weeks. Now writing a biography of a sports star is a great idea but writing about the latest game isn't a good idea. If you write news stories make sure they are ones that will be researched for some time to come such as the current “economic crisis.” These are great topics to explore in your writing. Creative writing and poetry might be something you enjoy but these are not the best topics to earn money from online. You are better off selling these to a publisher.

Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

Your articles will need keywords so people can find them online. Use a program such as Google's keyword too to find keywords for your articles and incorporate them into your work. You'll find plent yof great information online that will teach you the skills of SEO or search engine optimization. You'll also want to promote your articles on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. You might want to create a blog or website to help promote your articles too. Don't expect a flood of traffic in the beginning it can take time for search engines to find your content and index it. Prepare to spend quite a bit of time tweaking your articles to improve your traffic.

Above All Keep Writing

The more you write the higher the potential you'll start to earn some money from your writing. A few articles just won't bring you very many results. Prepare to write hundreds of articles and then eventually you'll see the results that might give you the freedom to even quit your regular job. Just remember that this process takes time and you will see the results if you put in the required work.