Personally I find that satire is one of the most enjoyable forms of writing, and also gives you plenty of freedom because you can easily write in the form of articles, shorts stories, novels or poetry. There are also plenty of sources of inspiration around to help you come up with a topic - all you have to do is sit and read a newspaper and watch the TV news for an hour or two and you will find a rich source of material that is ripe for mockery.

Satire is also quite popular with readers. Particularly if you do want to write about news or politics related topics. And there are plenty of places to publish your works and make money too.

Things You Will Need

You will need:

Either and pen and paper or a computer and keyboard.
A sense of humour.
A victim (usually).
A twisted and arrogant view of the world in which you see everyone else around you as ridiculous and worthy of mericless mockery.
A dry with and intelligence in order to indentify the characteristics of your target most suitable to be made fun of.
Even is this is not he type of writing that you usually do, I think it is well worth at least giving it a go, if nothing else for the shear fun of it and to express your own opinions in a way that people are open to in a way that they simply aren't if you are writing a boring political polemic or something like that.

The main types of satire are:

Spoof - For example a fake news story or a fictional story with a real person as the main character.
Sarcasm - For example, an article pretending to be really in favour of something, but giving really ridiculous reasons for being in favour of it characaturing the real reasons of the type of people who support that thing.
Irony - Unless you are just pointing out real life irony this would generally be in the form of a fictional story, in which a real person is put in a situation that is totally innapropriate and highlights their faults. Such as Tony Blair being given a job as peace envoy to the middle east. Oh wait, no, that really happened.

Tips & Warnings

If you do have a serious point that you are trying to make, be sure to keep in implied rather than explicit, and keep the piece lighthearted. You shouldn't sound like you really care deeply about the issue even if you do, or what you write will end up reading like a partisan political piece rather than humourous satire.

The best satire gives you a bit of a jolt or offers a novel perspective. Try to look past the obvious things that people have already pointed out, and find something new to focus on.