This is a simple step to step guide to learning how to write a song, record it and post it on your very own website absolutely free.

Things You Will Need

In order to use this guide the reader will need assess to a computer, a microphone, and two software programs that can be downloaded from the web for free.

Step 1

Writing a song is not an easy thing, I'm not going to tell you that or I'd be lying. To be a professional song writer takes years of practice, training and talent. But many of us would like to write a song to a love one or friend, but have no idea how to go about doing it. I'm talking about something we could post on a web site for everyone to see and enjoy. Just a simple little tune, but a song that could be special to that certain someone.

Your average person thinks in order to record a song, one would have to go to a recording studio and spend hundreds of dollars. Back in the old days that would be the case. For an average person this is something he or she wouldn't even attempt to do. They wouldn't even know how to go about finding a recording studio, much less what to do when they got to the studio. Recording studios are very impersonal and strange places. Most of us wouldn't feel comfortable recording our little songs there, because we are not professionals.

But guess what? It's the year 2010, and we don't have to go to a studio to record. We have computers which, as is, will do just fine. It will take a few items in addition to your computer, but we're not talking about spending a whole lot of money here.

But talking about recording the song is actually getting the cart before the horse as they say. First we must write a song. If you can play the guitar or piano, you can play some simple chords to accompany your words. But you can always sing your song without music, if you or someone you know doesn't play an instrument.

First you must come up with a concept of what you want your little song to be about. The words of a song or lyrics express a feeling or tell a story. It could be a simple love song. Maybe you would like to tell a sad or funny story. The theme is usually the centerpiece of your lyric. It is called the chorus, hook or refrain. This is something that is repeated several times during your song that summarizes what your piece is about.

You all know what I'm talking about. It is the part of a song that you wait for to sing along with when you hear it on the radio. The part of the song you remember, that normally contains the title of your song.

I recommend for beginners or the novice songwriter to come up with the catch phrase first. For instance, to use an example of a song of my own; "What I'm I Gonna Be When I Grow Up"? I started with this simple line and I wrote the whole song around it. I could have started with this line or it could come later on. But one way or the other, this is what the song is about.

After you have created a catch phrase, you can expand on it to write say a four or five line chorus. It is preferable for the ending words to rhyme, but not necessarily. To continue with my example above, I finished my chorus by adding four other lines to it.

My chorus then read as What I'm I gonna be when I grow up?

When is my adult gonna show up?

I still feel just like a kid.

Embarrassed by what I did.

What I'm I gonna be when I grow up?

Step 2

You then need to write three or four verses that tell your story. In this lyric we are talking about an individual who feels he is still not grown, and wonders when and if he'll ever grow up at all. This is the central theme of the song lyric. You should use a simple rhyme scheme such as AABB or ABAB. AABB means that the ending words of the first two lines and the third and fourth lines rhyme. ABAB means that the ending word of every other line rhymes. An easy verse to write has four lines. An easy way to do it is to write two four line verses then go to your chorus. After your chorus write another couple of verses and then go to your chorus. Then you can end by singing your chorus two or three times.

You may not be able to come up with three or four verses but write as many as you can. The chorus is actually the most important part, so spend extra time on it.

Step 3

Now you are ready to write the music. By music I am referring to a simple chord pattern to go along with your tune. I recommend playing something simple like C to F to G to F and back to C. If you are advanced at playing the guitar or piano, of course you can use a more complicated progression. If you are not using an instrument, simply sing the words.

Take the lyrics that you have written and as you play the chords sing the words along with them. It might take a few times, but if you write lines that have an equal or close to equal number of syllables in them, a tune will emerge.

Step 4

Now, and after of course you have practiced it and perfected the song, you are ready to record. What do you do now? Here comes the tricky part. I know I've thrown quite a bit at you already, but doing something worthwhile is never easy.

I mentioned earlier that you would need some other items other than your computer. First you will need a microphone to sing and record your guitar. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, but the better microphone you have the better the quality will be. You also will need an adapter so you can plug the mike into your microphone outlet on your computer.

Next you need to download software that will create wav files on your computer. There is software called Blaze Audio that will do this for you. You can try it for free or purchase it. Or you can Google "creating wav files" and several will show up. Many you can download and try for free, if you like. After you create your wav file then you must convert that wav file into an mp3 file in order to post it on the internet or to download it to your iPod for instance. Again use Google and search for "converting wav files to mp3 files ".There are many software programs that will do this for you. Hang on we are almost there.

Last but not least is my old friend, a website I and many other have used for years called "soundclick". The website is You can set up your very own website for free and download you mp3. You can add your song lyrics, a story, a picture etc.

And that is how simple it is to record and post your song on the web for free.

After you finish this step by step guide you will have something that will offer years of fun and enjoyment for yourself and the whole family.

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