Before you begin this challenge, you’ll need to have some spare time on your hands. If you work full-time, you might not be able to create ten articles per day but you should have time to do five of them. You could wake up early and do an article then or use your breaks to write. Instead of watching television at night, you could sit down and write a few articles before you go to bed. For those that have plenty of free time creating ten articles won’t be a problem.

Most people work eight hours per day so to create an article you’ll need about a half-hour to complete it. This should be enough time for articles that don’t require any research. The easiest way to go about this is to write from topics that you have knowledge in. Suppose you like skateboarding, playing the guitar, or gardening. These are all topics you can use to generate a huge number of articles right away without any research or extra work, which eats away at your writing time. To create ten articles you’ll need about five free hours in your day, which is like a part-time job. Just think of all the time you waste in a day where you could be writing.

Before you turn in for the night, come up with ten topics you can write. On InfoBarrel for example, you could save these topics in your drafts folder and come back to them the next day to finish them. Write to the topics you feel you can create the fastest first, and then work on the others. Keep writing until everything is done and don’t stop to edit, you’ll do this once the writing is finished.  Use a word processor and then transfer the finished writing to whatever content site, blog, or website, you want to put your material on.

When you are away from your computer keep a notepad or digital device with you to write down article ideas as soon as they occur to you. Don’t wait to put the idea down because it will get lost in your head. Keep folders on your computer or file cabinet full of your ideas you haven’t done yet and work on them later. If you do this, you’ll always have something new to write.

Treat your writing as a job and don’t stop for anything until finished. Lock yourself in a room if you have to and keep writing. If you use this type of discipline, you’ll be creating a ton of content in less time. The whole key is to always generate article ideas and never stop writing. Take a break every few days so you don’t burn yourself out but get back to writing right away. As you write, you can take periodic breaks so you don’t strain your eyes and get in some exercise if you can to keep yourself fresh. Just remember the more content you create the better the chances that you’ll start making money with your writing. Content is king, so create it, and never stop.