Before you write a game review, you need to play the game for some time. Don’t try to copy the work of someone else. As you play the game, take notes that you can refer too after your session. Some things your readers will want to know include the platform, system requirements, graphics, sound quality, game play, and game features. Your review should include some or all of these elements. Try to take some screenshots or videos to add some extras to your articles.

Today’s video games require powerful systems and one of the first things you need to figure out is the system requirements for the game you are reviewing. Many gamers look for this information because they want to know if a new game will run on their system or if they might need to upgrade their computer or buy a new one to run the game. While this isn’t as important if you review browser games, it applies to online MMO games and PC games. For consoles games all systems are the same so you don’t need to include the information.

Galaxy Online II(49750)

Another important aspect of your review is the graphic and sound quality of the game. If the game has performance, problems make sure you note these in your review. Most gamers want to play games that have decent graphics and they want this information in a review. Make note of any blocky graphics or poor maps included in the game.  Try to play through the whole game if possible to get a good sense of the sound quality and graphics of each section in the game before you review it.

The single most important part of your review is the game play. Make notes on what you liked or didn’t like about to the game play. If the game had a poor story or bad quests, mention those in your review. Often reviews will feature pros and cons about the game. These points helps gamers make decisions about the game and if they want to buy it. For example, the game might have a poor single player campaign but excellent multiplayer features. Include the game features in your review such as the number of maps, types of weapons, and other options. You don’t need to mention everything but let the reader know some of the cool features the game has. For MMOs, you could mention the types of classes, guild features, game world, and other information.

You need to summarize  but still include enough information for your readers. You might want to rate the game according to the various features such as graphics, sound, game play, or performance. Many online gaming review sites do these types of ratings with their reviews. If you are writing for a magazine be sure to ask the editor exactly what the magazine needs in the review. For you own website or blog the choice is up to you.

If you want to review games be sure to play through them fully. Make notes of the pros and cons about the game. Talk about the graphics, sound, maps, and key features of the game. With practice, you’ll soon be writing great gaming reviews and maybe even make some money at it too.