How To Write an Online Article

Many people want to go online to write articles. When you write your content you need to keep three main points in mind. Each piece of work consists of three main elements which includes an introduction, body, and article conclusion. It's vital that your article writing contains these three elements for it to have success on the Internet and be of value to readers. When you write you should consider making each piece of work between 600-1000 word for the best exposure. Search engines may also pick up your piece if it's a bit longer. Try to put your best effort into each article because this will add value to the web and more importantly value to you as a writer. Let's look at the three main elements to a great online article. A great book for article writing is Write First, Clean Later: Blogs, Articles, & Writing Advice.

Article Introduction

The most important part in understanding how to write an article is the need for the introduction. This is often called the hook or lead and is a vital component of your article. In the introduction you want to tell your reader what the article is about and how it can help them. If your reader doesn't get a clear indication of how your article is going to be beneficial to them they may look someplace else on the Internet and never return to your work again. So you must construct a great introduction to keep people engaged with your writing and excited about reading the entire piece of your work. Spend time crafting the perfect beginning to your article before you go onto the bulk of the article the body

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How to Create Articles: The Body

The article body is just as important as the introduction since it contains your main message and the material you want to discuss with your readers. Each article body should be several paragraphs long with clear headings for each main point. You want headings because search engines will pick up on these especially if they contain keywords about your article. Try to give each section of the article a unique targeted keyword or phrase. As you write more articles you'll get better at this and soon it will become second nature. Many of your headings probably already have keywords in them and you don't know it. Use a tool like Google's Adwords to find specific keywords and phrases for your articles. This will help increase your traffic levels.

Structuring Article Paragraphs

You'll find many articles online where the whole piece is one or two massive paragraphs. This not only doesn't look good on the screen it won't help you gain nay traffic to your work. Each paragraph should discuss one or two main points and then you can start a new paragraph and break your work up into more manageable sections. So you want introduction, main point, main point, conclusion. Your “main pint” paragraphs are the article body and can be as many paragraphs as you like to fully explain what your article is about. Label each one with a good heading since many readers will skim through the piece to get to specific information. They may only be looking for one key point. Bullets and numbering can help if you have lists of points you want to address or things you want to describe. An example would be a “how to” article. You might list step 1, step 2, and so on.

Article Accuracy

Besides spelling in your articles you must make sure that names, dates, and places are accurate. Your piece will look unprofessional if you spell a name wrong or get a date mixed up. Be sure to check all references if you're adding that type of content to your work. Try to check these pieces of information against at least two sources so you can be sure of the accuracy. Finding information is a printed book is usually better than the internet since a book has already gone through an accuracy sweep before publication. If you're using the Internet check two sources to be sure.

You Can Write Great Articles Online

Make the most of your article writing online by constructing great articles. Use the introduction, body, and conclusion to craft articles that not only look great but are easy to read and make sense. Try to use headings with each paragraph which helps the reader when scanning through your work. Take the time to create great articles online and you'll have more people looking at your work and coming back to visit you time and time again.