I have written online for about 1.5 years. I am making passive income every month, meaning even if I quit for a day or a month, I can still receive income. It's not a lot, although I do generally make something between 2 to 4 dollars every day whether I write or not. That's what I am after, and my next goal is to be able to receive a Google adsense check every month, then to move on to progressively higher income goals.

write for Infobarrel

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I recently joined Infobarrel after trying other writing websites. I won't say that I am an SEO expert, but here is my procedure to help ensure I have some measure of keyword awareness in my articles and some relevance in the topic.

Brainstorm a topic
Once I get an idea for an Infobarrel article, I will try to brainstorm some ways to expand it into at least a 400 word article. Usually I carry a piece of paper with me during the day. Then when reading the paper, talking to people or listening to the radio, when I get an idea, I write it down and try to add at least 5 key features about the topic that can be expanded upon with some research.

When I sit down to write, I usually do it in Notepad so I can save it. I next do some internet research to see what authoritative sources have to say about the subject, and to ensure that I'm not leaving out a key angle to the story.

I open a wordcounter in a separate window and copy and paste the rough article into it just to see where I am at. The one I use is www.wordcounttool.com. Articles in Infobarrel should be at least 325 words, and the site prefers a minimum of 400 word articles. I'm getting a better feel for article size now, but I still check them out in wordcounttool.com

I probably should pick articles based on the popularity of the basic concept in Google Adwords, but I have a hard enough time coming up with articles as it is. I am more comfortable writing about what I know, so I try to do that, and try to add relevant keywords as possible. I know that's not the most ruthlessly efficient way to get viewers, but on the other hand, a writer probably does a better job writing about things he is familiar with, at least for his first 100 or 200 articles. Once I have the basic article written, I look at the keyword tool in Google Adwords (just Google keyword tool and it's the first result that comes up). I put the basic concept or title of the article in and see if there are some relevant keywords I can insert into the article.

Review related articles
I then look at one or two other writing sites and search for an article on a similar topic to this one. The reason for this step is to see what Adsense ads have been placed on the article and see if I need to tweak my keywords accordingly. This step is also important as it gives me a good idea for tags I need to add to my Infobarrel article. It also helps to suggest what Amazon.com product tie-in will fit in with the article.

Finally, I try to add at least one public domain photograph to the article to give it some life and a little
character. I know this isn't necessary, but I just like to have a little color in the article.

I know all these steps probably keep me from churning out more articles in a given time period, but I am getting a more intuitive awareness of keywords and some of this is becoming automatic. In time I will be able to shorten the time it takes to knock out a solid keyword-friendly article and move on to the next one. Passive income retirement, here I come.