Movie reviews are often boring retellings of even more boring films, but that doesn't mean that you as a writer can't add value to the world of movie reviews. Before reading this keep in mind the kinds of movies you personally enjoy, writing reviews is much easier when you actually are passionate about that kind of movie. It makes the good movies easier to identify and the bad ones easier to caution others about.

You can read a movie review  on a friend’s post in Facebook, through a link on Twitter, a blog entry, a website, or in print like newspapers, journals and magazines. The plethora of sources makes one think ‘how will it affect my decision to watch this film?’

There are three general types of movie reviews that help a reader generally answer this question. Different kinds of readers gravitate to different kinds of reviewers.

The first one is the 'hardcore' film review also known as the critic’s perspective. This kind of movie reviews go beyond the experience of watching the film it focuses on the nitty-gritty details and dissects the movie by section from the plot, to the acting, to the direction and cinematography. This kind of review may also address the art design, musical score, special effects, editing and transitions. The critic’s role is often to state what is not obvious and get the readers to criticize the film in a level that is not usually discussed at the dinner table. These reviews would often be the basis for international festivals and often times films which makes the cut are those that are not mainstream but well reviewed by a hardcore critic.

The downside of succumbing into movie reviews made by the critics is that it is too cerebral. It takes into consideration almost everything and because it is too critical it is hard to almost find a spot that is commendable about a film’s merit.

The second movie review is the anti-thesis of the critical review and is often known as ‘superficial movie reviews’. They are called such primarily because this type of review dwells at mainstream movies the blockbusters often devoid of any criticism on the plot but celebrates the entertainment value of the film. It zeroes in on the merits of romance or gore or the plausibility of events rather than their chronology or logic or story telling technique. These type of movie reviews often glorify action scenes and triumphant moments, the struggle of the main character and how they ended up happy in the end. It frowns on the details but thrives on experience and entertainment value.

The third type is what many would call ‘the casual movie reviews’

As the name suggests it is rather a critical analysis or a superficial reaction but somewhere in between. These types of movie reviews proliferate the blog and social network universe. Often made by hobbyists, these type of reviews are a good mix of technical criticism tempered by human experience.

It dwells on the technical aspects of the film and the believability of the plot but at the same time it does not discount the entertainment factor.

If you ask me, reading a movie review should be practical if you are trying to decide which movie to watch because it can allow you to calibrate and make a good choice. If you read it post watching the film it can be valuable too by fortifying your reactions when you watched the movie.