How to Write a SEO for Beginners

The concept of SEO or search engine optimization is complicated for beginners but if you break it down into manageable chunks, it becomes much easier to understand and implement even if you have never done it before. SEO or search engine optimization is how search engines find your articles online. The search engine needs to know what your article is about so your manuscript gets published on the Internet. Without proper SEO in your article your writing will get lost among the sea of webpages online and your hard work won’t get any traffic.  SEO boils down to getting traffic to your article and people viewing what you’ve written.

To get people to view your work you need keywords inside your article to tell the search engines what your article is about so when a search engine such as Google indexes your article, it will appear in the index. If your keywords are done properly the search engine can index your article higher in the results because it’s able to understand through your keywords what you have written and what the article is about.  In these SEO tips for beginners you'll learn several simple techniques you can apply without any prior SEO knowledge to make your articles rank higher in the search engines.

The Title Seo Article Writing For a Beginner

The most important part of your SEO is going to be your article title.  Your title should hold the keywords that you want to target.  So what exactly is a keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase that you need in your article title so the search engine sees what the piece is about. For example, the title “How to Play 60s Rock Guitar,” is a very targeted keyword phrase.  If you just write “How to Play Guitar” your article will get lost among the sea of other articles because there are thousands of articles using those keywords online. While the search engine will find your phrase it’s much better to target specific keywords. You can use a tool such as Google’s keyword tool to find keywords to write about. I won’t go into the tool in this article, you can learn more about the tool online. So your title needs to “tell me what the article is about, but be specific.”  The more targeted your keyword title is to what you’ve written the easier the search engine will pick up on the article and the higher you’ll be indexed.

Repeat the Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

You should repeat your keywords a few times in the article. Try to aim for the beginning and ending as well as one or twice inside the article itself. If you spam the keywords multiple times in the article the search engines will just start to ignore your article. Make the keywords natural in the text and try some variations of the keywords too. As long as you have the keywords a few times in the article you are doing better than most article writers when it comes to having your work picked up and ranked higher in the search engines.  

SEO Tips For Beginners- Article Originality and Length

Try not to spin or copy articles and instead write articles that are completely original and in your own words. This will also help your SEO because the search engines want quality work and not article spam which won’t bring you the traffic you want. You need people coming back to your articles and if you write good ones you’ll get repeat traffic. A decent article should be over 500 words but you can do smaller posts for blogs if you want. Even if the article has been talked about before online if you write it in your own unique way this is better than simply copying and trying to trick the search engines which won’t work in the long run.


I hope you enjoyed this brief article on learning how to write a search engine optimization or SEO article for beginners.  Just remember that you need keywords so your article is seen online. Repeat the keywords a few times in the article and you’ll be set to start receiving more views on your work. Choosing the right keywords is a science in itself especially if you’re writing online for income purposes.  If you’re looking for an article site to write for income InfoBarrel is a great option. Visit the forums here and read the many great articles that dive deep into the secrets of SEO article writing for beginners and beyond.