How To Write an Article for InfoBarrel and Have it Accepted - I mean how difficult can it be and why should you care.
Introduction to writing articles for Article Directories just like InfoBarrel. Learn the art of original content creation and how to get it accepted.
There is at least one expert in all of us and we can all put pen to paper in some form or another. In order to get your article started you have to write from the heart. Write down in note form all the things you are passionate about. Perhaps just write down the ten things that makes you passionate about your hobby or interest. You could number them one to ten and title each pro in no more than say fifteen words. By the time you have written out ten pros for your article you should have around one hundred and fifty words. What would happen if you did that for all the cons as well. You now have a three hundred word article based on headings alone.

Now we need to flesh out our article.
The trick is to expand on each heading by answering the burning question in each title heading.
So let us begin with an example of how we can begin on our quest to article domination.

1) What can I write about. - When starting out only write about the things you know. If you enjoy Trout Fishing then talk about the types of Trout or the different fishing tackle you use.

2) Who is my audience. - This is market research. Look in your local newsagents and see what magazines people are reading. You probably already subscribe to Trout Fishing Monthly.

3) Are they listening right now. - This means if you wrote and article on your favourite topic how many people would read it. I would go to my topics forum and post a question. This has to be a question you already know the answer to. You are going to judge the response to see who is listening.

4) How much compitition is there. - Are there other people talking about your topic. If so then engage with these people and start a dialogue. Interview them and transcribe the interview for a later article.

5) What is the buzz. - Of late the best place to test this is to search Twitter. Search #buzzword. So for our example we might search twitter for #troutfishing

I think you get the idea now. Use this method for starting your own article writing. Develope it for your own ends and before long you will have an article writing stratergy in place.

Things You Will Need

Pen and paper, you yourself and I and 30 minutes of your time each and everyday. Oh! you need access to a computer and or the internet.
We always write from the heart. If you find your self floundering and stuck for words then drop it. Walk away from the session and do something completely different. Being active in something unrelated will stimulate the mind and will find yourself rushing back to your desk to pen those words of wisdom. Have fun with it and then rinse and repeat.

Tips & Warnings

Turn off the television and radio you don't need to be distracted. Use your internet connection to research on Facebook or Twitter for the buzz on your topic.
Never copy someone elses article. It has to be your own. Quoting from other articles is acceptable.