A Simple Guide to Understanding the Kindle Publishing Process

I'd Rather Be a Purchased Author Than a Published Author

The self publishing revolution is in full swing.  While it is still a cool thing to be a "traditionally" publish author, there is no need to jump through hoops to get your book into print anymore.  Enter the eBook Revolution.  You can be a published and purchased author.  There is no gatekeeper other than your own motivation.

Are you an Infobarrel author?  Are you a successful Infobarrel author?  Why not write an eBook on the topic and publish it for Kindle readers everywhere?  Chances are, if you are successful, people will want to read about it.  Success breeds success.  Why not capitalize on that?

Have you always had a good idea for a book but didn't know where to begin?  Have you produced a manuscript but got lost in the traditional Publishing House labyrinth?  Publishing an eBook could be your ticket!  You could get your content in front of millions of readers within 24 hours of finishing your manuscript.  Anyone can do this.  Here's how:


  • Write your book! There is no specific length necessary.  You can publish an eBook of any length.  Of course you will want to give enough content to make sure your customers will feel the purchase worthwhile.
  • Microsoft Word is a great tool for writing your eBookYou can of course choose any word processing tool you wish, but Microsoft word will make the process quite simple.
  • Break your eBook up into chapters using a "Heading" for each chapter title. At the conclusion of each chapter be sure to insert a "page break".  This will make sure that the chapters are separated accurately when the file is converted into an html file later.
  • Insert a Table of Contents. Under the "references" tab in Word, click on insert table of contents.  Unclick the "show page number" box and set the "show level" at 1.  When you click "ok" you will have created a clickable table of contents that will link directly to each new chapter heading. 
  • Convert your Word file to "html".  Depending on which version of Word you use, when you click "save as" it may say "as web" rather than "html".
  • Set up an Amazon Direct Publishing Account.  You can use your Amazon account info for this, but you will still need to activate your Direct Publishing Account.  There is no charge for this account, and the process is approved immediately following a confirmation email.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes if you already have an Amazon account.
  • Upload your manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing. After uploading your file, you can view it using one of the online previewers.  This will make sure the file looks good on the various Kindle readers.  After this you will enter author information and pricing for your new eBook.  Once clicking on "Publish" your work will go into a "review" process and appear in the Amazon Store within 12-24 hours! 
  • Promote the Heck Out of Your Book! Do you have a website, blog, Facebook or Twitter?  Use the link provided by Amazon to send people to your listing. 

Good Things to Know

  • There is absolutely no cost to publishing an eBook for Kindle with Amazon!
  • Be Patient, Promotion is the Key
  • Remember that you are not required to sell your new eBook strictly on Amazon unless you enroll in the Kindle Select Program.
  • It is estimated that Amazon has over 100 million credit cards on file.  That is a heck of large potential customer base!


So what are you waiting for?  Get going and before you know it, you to can be a publish eBook author!  You may not get rich over night, but hey, half the fun is trying!


Legal note:

This article is not intended to guarantee success in the Kindle market.  Success of an individual author depends on their own marketing and hard work. This article is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only.