Film reviews are important in several places. Many movie critics make their living writing reviews of newly-released movies. Many high school and college students also must know how to write film reviews for classes and general instruction. Writing film reviews is not difficult, and anyone can create a thorough review without too much pain or struggle. Make sure to allow plenty of time to watch the movie one or more times with the ability to pause the movie to take down notes.


Review Construction

Take notes as you watch the movie. Make any notes you have about any confusion in the plot,  mistaken identity in the characters, problems with lighting or sound, difficulty in believing the plot or the actors’ interpretation of the story, or anything else you can think of to write down. Don’t be afraid to stop or go back a chapter to try and understand what is really happening in the story. Imgaine you have to write a research paper about the story. 


Note all opinions about the film, including all feelings about the actors, clothing, lighting, editing and anything else of note. Make a list of all main actors, publishing studio, producer and other important facts about the movie.


Create a basic outline for the review. In the first paragraph, paint a basic opening for the movie. Do not reveal any major plot points or the ending, but describe what the film is about, or at least how it starts.


The second paragraph is for the details of the film, such as actors and the director. Try to make this information somewhat interesting, but brief. Although this information is important, most people skip over it and do not want to be bogged down with details they can easily find online.


Make the third paragraph a basic outline of the plot. Do not give away the ending or any surprises, but do discuss the genre of the movie and other initial plot elements, such as the history of the main character, or how the character gets to the climax of the movie.


Place your thoughts about the movie in the fourth paragraph. This is where you discuss acting ability, editing, CGI effects or other mechanical elements of the movie. You can also talk about any plot holes or other problems you have with the movie. If you liked any particular element of the movie, write that in this paragraph as well.



Finally, list your overall rating and opinion of the movie in the last paragraph. This is where you give the movie a starred rating or recommend that readers watch the movie or stay away from it. Writing film reviews using this method will create useful and clear information that will benefit the readers.