How To do a wheelie on a mountainbike (24631)

The majority of skills really worth doing on a mountain bike need more than one step to achieve. Tricks and moves on a mountain bike almost invariably require careful planning and practice over a period of time. Perseverance to not give up and see the skill through to the end is essential as well. To execute a wheelie on a mountain bike is one of those skills. Here's how you can reach that goal in 5 steps.

Step 1. Lean back and pull up on your handlebars. This will be significant because how you do this will determine your starting balance point when doing the rest of the steps of this move. Try to get your bike up to about 45 degrees. Also, the wider your handlebars the better. If you can change your bike's bars to a riser bar or to really wide bars, this will aid in balancing your bike in the wheelie movement.

Step 2. Pedal moderately on your bike. You will need your full attention and concentration when doing this critical step. Put your gears into a medium gear so that it is not too hard to pedal and not too easy. The reason you need this is because you don't want to focus all your attention to how you pedal when you wheelie. You want to be comfortable with the pace of your pedaling.

Step 3. Keep your arms straight. The reason behind this is to help you keep you bike up and to stay balanced. In addition to that, you do not want to lock your elbows. Your arms should still remain relaxed enough that you can make slight adjustments to each arm to keep the bike in the wheelie position.

Step 4. Look forward. Look at where you are going and do not look at the ground. To clarify and explain this step a bit more, looking down at the ground will make your front wheel come down much quicker. If you look at where you are going, it will help you keep the wheel up and help you get into a rhythm of cycling with only one wheel.

Step 5. Learn to use your front brakes. This is an important step because using your front brakes will either bring your front wheel down to the ground or it can help you bring the wheel lower to the ground in case you pulled up on the bike too hard from step 1. This will prevent you from wiping out.

Finally, if you have kept with it and followed these tips, you should have succeeded and will now have fun with the fruits of your success on your bike! You can pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for mastering the wheelie! You set yourself a goal and here you've attained it! Now enjoy it by riding off in the sunset in a wheelie!

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