Making your own holiday wreath form is very simple. This wreath frame is suitable for making , the pine cone wreath or any of the artificial wreaths. This is a good use for all those wire coat hangers you don't know what to do with.

Things You Will Need

* Wire Cutters

* Pliers

* 4 Wire coat hangers

Step 1

Straighten one coat hanger and form it into a circle. Use the pliers to bend the straight end up about 1/2" and hook it to the other end of the hanger at the top.

Step 2

Straighten the other 3 coat hangers and cut both ends off , so you have 3 straight pieces of wire.

Step 3

Bend one hanger wire into a circle , making sure it is about 1" smaller than the first one. Bend the ends up about1/2" and hook the ends together, forming a circle.

Step 4

Do the same thing with the 3rd hanger wire. Make sure it is 1" smaller than the second circle you made.

Step 5

Take the 4th hanger wire and cut it into short pieces, about 3"-4' long. You will use these pieces to hold the circles together.

Step 6

Bend up about 1/2" on the ends. Attach one end to the outside circle(the one with the hanger hook).Bring it under the second circle and wrap it around that wire. Bring it to the inside circle and attach it to the inside circle. 4-5 pieces placed at intervals around the wreath should be enough to hold it.

The wreath frame should now be complete.

It can be used to make a holiday wreath ,or a Christmas wreath. It can be decorated with live greenery or it can be an artificial wreath using whatever you have available to decorate it with.


If you have a hot glue gun , you could attach the short wires and the decorations using hot glue. This is a good base to use for a pine cone wreath also

Tips & Warnings