If one had to pick one product that serves as the center of Tokidoki, that product would definitely be the handbag. On this relatively simple product, Tokidoki expresses itself as a combination of the jubilant and the sarcastic, with color and energy driving slightly twisted and wink-worthy themes. The profusion of characters creates a crowded and eye-catching accessory that teen girls fall in love with.

If you're interested in a fashionable gift that bridges the gap between maturity and youth, a Tokidoki purse has an extra reason for suitability. Many of the line's handbags also have a chain-dangling figure accessory accompanying them. This calls out to the collector and mascot enthusiast in any young person, while also keeping the essentially practical nature of the purse intact.

Not every single purse by Tokidoki makes use of the clutter and bold palette that the line is so known for. If such is inappropriate or undesirable, there are alternative Tokidoki products using simple, near-monochromatic designs. This lets a young lady get the 'fun' of Tokidoki without the sometimes overwhelming cheeriness or complexity of other styles.

The characteristic style of the brand is one of deliberate excess. An incredible range of colorful characters are put into the relatively small spaces available on purse surfaces. This is taken to such an extent that the background itself is barely visible at any point. For some, this is simply too much... but for many others, the brilliant, no holds barred display can be very appealing.

What does this line center around? The cute little characters, of course. Make no mistake, there are mature themes lurking as subtext underneath those adorable rounded faces. Are you comfortable with your child carrying around a purse adorned by the world's cutest avatar of mortality? If not, then you should probably avoid Tokidoki products.

Lack of certainty about what kind of handbag or purse you want to get can be understandable, since Tokidoki offers so much to choose from. In fact, it's best to go in with a broad eye - there are many designs to appeal to different fashion senses and needs. A Tokidoki bag may be designed for carrying a cell phone or a personal digital assistant, or it may be another kind of bag or purse entirely.

The primary color theme seen most often in Tokidoki is pink, although you probably will think of white designer handbags first. Though rarely used as a background, pink occurs so often that it can be difficult to avoid in Tokidoki bags. Finding something not distinctly feminine will be a challenge within this brand. But not, it should be noted, an impossible challenge.

You'll need at least eighty dollars to find most Tokidoki bags open for shopping perusal. Prices can be somewhat higher for specific products, but not too much so. In fact, you'll rarely ever see one for over a hundred and sixty, at the most.