Why Is't It Working

Every wonder why "How To's" don't work?

Have you gone to website after website trying to learn a new trade or technique with no luck? Is it the "How To" that's broken? Is it the information that is faulty?

Unfortunately, the answer to all this is NO! The information is right. The "How To's" do work.

Why don't they work, you might ask? The reason is simple. The "How To's" are not the problem, you are. Behind every set of diagrams and schematics, every piece of paper outlining a procedure, there is a human being.

When people need to figure something out, they search for the how and not the why.

Reason may vary, but the answer is we are looking in the wrong place.

How ToCredit: spiritjb.org


There is an internet wave going on now. A "Make your fortune online overnight" kind of wave.

People have been jumping on the band wagon for some time. Many sites claim to have the secret to success; If you do this, then this will happen and you will be rich.

Most of the real overnight stuff is hype, but if you actually follow these guides without bias or emotion, they work.

They really do.

That is why most of us chose to do the programs ourselves. But the crazy thing is, we fail over and over. I know this because there are millions of "How To" books.

If they all worked, why do we need so many?

Here is a good example. If you wanted to build a fence. There are thousands of "How To" guides out there explaining the process.

Clearly, most of them work. So why do we need them all?

Or, if you want to make $100.00 a month online, there are millions of guides out there, and surely millions work.

What about the Stock Market, real estate, potty training your baby?

They all work, but the people behind them do not. It is the human factor that is the problem. The why behind why we do something that matters.

What Can We Do

If we want to answer our problems, fix the things in our lives that we don't like, we have to stop looking at the "How To's" and start looking at the "Why's".

Finding a reason to succeed is the most important part of this. If you find the reason, you will find the "How To" and actually follow through.

Now quit complaining and find out the reason you want to change your life! Once you got it, hold on to it and use it for your motivation.

If you can do that, the rest will fall into place.