This is a continuation of the article How True is The Statement: 95% Fail In MLM – Part 1

This part will look at the second major reason why a lot of people do not succeed in "MLM" or Multi Level Marketing

At MLM business briefing, network marketers are advised to put together a 'warm' to work with. A warm list is supposed to contain names of relatives, friends and acquaintances. When this is done the networker starts approaching them one after the other with his business opportunity, or invite them to his home to watch a video presentation on the business opportunity.

This means the networker starts bugging everyone he knows about his business opportunity until they get irritated and stop answering his calls.

The second major reason networkers fail in MLM is because the lay down method of generating MLM leads is wrong. The 'cold calling' method of generating leads just doesn't work. It might have worked for some that are known experts in the field and well experienced but for the majority, it just doesn't work. You can't keep bothering people who did not show interest in your business to come join your business, it doesn't work like that. First you under estimate your business when you present it like way, doing whatever it takes to convince people to join your business. No matter how big the opportunity your "MLM Business" presents, your prospects will fail to see it because of the way you present the business and it portrays you as someone desperately trying to make money off them not someone actually concerned about their success in life.

So what is the right way to generate MLM leads?

Instead of the cold calling where you have to go to the prospect with your business opportunity, create an avenue that brings the people to you. This is what internet network marketing or attraction marketing does. It brings the prospects to you and when the prospects are the ones that come to you, they usually want to be locked into the business fast without delay


Now how do you make prospects chase after you?

Well, it is simple really. Make yourself an expert in your field of business, in this case network marketing. Provide strong helpful information on MLM business, without trying to lure them into your business.

Your information could be in form of written articles or live seminars. You can have your articles published on a blog, submitted to article directories or published here on Infobarrel.

Publishing articles on your blog, hupages or infobarrel apart from creating exposure for you also allows you to make extra income through adsense and other advertising programs. Naturally if your readers find your content helpful they will contact you for more information on MLM and perhaps suggestions on which company to partner with, then you can offer your business opportunity.

A better way to generate leads is to write a special report on multi level marketing and give it free on your blog with an opt in form that collects the names and email addresses of subscribers before downloading your free report.

This could give you a long list of targeted subscribers that you can regularly send helpful information about MLM business. If you provide strong contents, in no time you will have prospects asking you if you belong to any MLM company because they would love to be in your team.

This system works any time and any day. And it can be easily duplicated by your team members. It will take sometime to get result from using attraction marketing to generate leads because you have to first be able to provide some good amount of strong content, generate traffic to the content, and impress your readers. But believe me when I say that it is still the easiest and most effective way of generating MLM leads.

A very easy way of attraction marketing is to put a few minutes informative video together and load it to youtube. The response from this could be immediate and can keep generating you leads for years.

I have seen a video on youtube viewed more than 20,000 times. Can you imagine the number of leads that can result from that huge number? How many years do you think it will take you to talk to that same number of people in the cold calling method? I'll bet five years is not enough!

The first real bonus I got from my MLM business was from a lead a got through an article I published in a local newspaper on MLM. I sponsored the person even without meeting him face to face, up till now we haven't still met because we stay in different states of the country, we only talk on phone or through email.

He signed up with my MLM company few days after he contacted me. I was amazed at how easy it was to sign up someone at the highest level of the business with just an article, when I had been chasing people for months and only got two sign ups. That was my break through, that moment I knew what works and what doesn't.

No matter how you choose to attract people to your business whether by publishing articles on a local newspaper or by publishing online, as long as it brings the prospects to you it is just fine.

But I advice you to bring your business online, because I agree with bill gate when he said "if your business is not on the internet your business will be out of business"

The internet opens up endless opportunities to make extra income.