Turbo Jam Workout!(46931)

What is Turbo Jam?

Developed by trainer Chalene Johnson, Turbo Jam has transformed bodies around the world!  Launched by Beach Body, the workout is designed to strengthen your core, while targeting your upper body, lower body, and abs - all at the same time! With an insipirational coach like Chalene Johnson, this program is becoming one of BeachBody's top selling workouts. Here are five reasons to do Turbo Jam workouts. 

The Fun Factor

During a Turbo Jam work outyou can burn up to a thousand calories without feeling like you are working out.  The best part about Turbo Jam is that anyone can do it and it's fun! Chalene is definitely inspirational and will get you moving your booty! 

Add some beats to the routine and you'll find yourself grooving to the music and in-step with the routine. You'll have a blast, while burning some major calories. 

There is no kickboxing experience required. The basic moves are simple, yet give your body an excellent workout. If you have muscle or joint concerns, Chalene will teach you how to do a "modifier" technique so that you can still achieve your training goals. 

No Special Equipment

Though Turbo Jam comes with special Turbo Sculpting Gloves, they are not required.  In fact, nothing is required. No heavy bags, no shields – just yourself! Turbo Jam focuses on form and technique. 

Each Jam workout seeks to strengthen your core and muscles using nothing but systematic movement. 

Turbo Jam Workout!(46931)

You Will Not Get Bored

If you order your Turbo Jam series through Beach Body you will receive six different workouts!  The first one “Learn & Burn” is a quick introduction and worked feature Chalene’s favorite moves used throughout the program. The “20 Minute Workout” is perfect for beginners or those short on time.

As you progress you can begin to enjoy the advanced workouts. “Turbo Sculpt” is a 40 minute workout best for shaping, toning and tightening.  “Cardio Party” is a supercharged 45 minute cardio dance party!  *Warning* This workout is addictive.  “Ab Jam” is a cutting- edge program designed to tighten, tone and create that sexy midsection everyone strives for! The last workout is “Punch, Kick & Jam” designed to make you sweat while tapping into the power of those Turbo Sculpting Gloves.

Great Tools

Turbo Jam comes with many tools to help everyone succeed!  The Turbo Results Guidebook is packed with quick reference tips, fitness advice, and nutrition information.  Also inside the Guidebook are the “Elite 11 Training Cards”.  These cards will be helpful with learning the moves and assist with focusing on technique.

There is also the Turbo Slim which helps users jump start their fitness plan.  With a tape measure and measurement card it has never been easier to track your progress.  And do not forget about teambeachbody.com.  At the website, you will have fitness and diet support at your finger tips!

The Cost


Video Collection

Depending on what you are willing to do, Turbo Jam is offered at a fairly cheap price. According to the BeachBody, the complete jam work out is valued at $220. This includes:

  • 5 Ab Jam DvDs, fully equipped to give you an excellent routine.
  • "Elite 11" flash cards.
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Scuplting Gloves
  • Turbo Slim: Diet Information to help you eat heathier while you workout. 
  • Cheap monthly payments & a money-back guarantee! 


Turbo Jam delivers results. User reviews from Beach Body, Amazon, and Spark People all say the same thing.  Turbo Jam helps transform lives!  You can lose 10 inches in just 10 workouts.

Turbo Jam is a great jam workout for all ages and fitness levels. Packed with great music and movies, it is the ultimate jam work out series!