Social media is all the buzz. It used to be thought of as something only the big boys used leaving the small guys in their dust. But this is quickly changing. Social media was considered the new thing and was at first intimidating but no more. Now the words social media are quintessential for online marketing.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three top social networks. What does this mean for small business owners? Their impact  is huge. The growth of social media marketing is phenomenal and its only getting bigger.  Small business owners can take just as much advantage of this incredible marketing avenue as anyone else.

With Facebook being a household name, this opens up new doors for the small business owners. Facebook fan pages and business pages are not difficult to set up, making it quick and easy to get rolling. The biggest advantage using this social media site is the ability to communicate with your fans or buyers. The connection gives such a personal touch and really attracts more customers for this very reason.

The next feature is the ability to communicate with like minded people, providing a much more targeted market. People gather in groups and they want to be involved in groups where they have the same interests. They love to interact and ask questions and have them answered which makes them feel important. This is your ticket. Interacting with the customers. Make them feel like they matter. You will gain so much respect from them and in turn they will invite friends to join your business page also. Word of mouth still remains to be a great marketing tool.

Lets talk video. You probably know that You Tube is the place to go when you are looking for answers in video format. You can find just about anything on video at You Tube. This is where you need to position yourself as well. Embedding your videos directly into your social media sites creates crazy amounts of traffic. Small businesses should not overlook You Tube.  It would be like leaving money on the table.

Twitter is also worth getting involved with. The number of people on twitter is growing daily and it only takes a few seconds of your time to tweet a juicy nugget about your business. And then sit back and watch it spread.  You will begin to see your brand become established in front of your very eyes. This makes you known as an expert in your field. Building your small business faster than you can even imagine.

Marketing before social media was pretty cut and dry. Create a product, find a place to advertise it or sell it, and sit back and hope people came and bought. You might run newspaper advertisements, and hope it got into the right hands of the buyers you were targeting. But now, social media has taken marketing your small business to levels you could only have dreamed of.  Connect your business with these social media networks and watch how quickly your business grows.