What is a Video Scribe?

A unique way to stand out from the crowd instantly

VideoScribing is the process of making a cartoon-like video, where the cartoon characters and objects appear on the screen real-life, while a hand is constantly drawing them. Here's an example video:

Sample VideoScribe

As you can see, the audio narration and the videoscribe are in sync, so it seems like the story is unfolding "by itself" as the narrator is speaking.

Why is VideoScribing so Powerful?

The fact is that although there are 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, most of them are never watched at all, or not completely from start-to-finish.

This is mostly due to people getting bored as the video gets more than 2-3 minutes long. Watching a video is a passive activity and if it doesn't engage the viewers enough, they'll just click somewhere else, especially online where their attention span is so short.

On the other hand, videoscribing makes even watching a video much more interesting.

  • As people see a hand draw out the story, they're more inclined to stay longer to see how the drawing pans out.
  • Also, watching a videoscribe is not a passive activity, since the viewer's mind is focused not only on the message that the video creator wants to share, but also on the video itself.
  • As a result, most of the time even a longer, 5-10 minutes video will be watched to its full length, which can help video marketing reach a lot more people.

How to create VideoScribes?

Are there any video-scribing software available?

Unfortunately, success comes at a cost even in the video marketing world. A usual, 3-5 minute videoscribe used to cost as much as $1,500-$3,000 per minute in the past years.

However, today there's a better and much more affordable solution, even for the regular person.

A british company called Sparkol created a very unique, one-of-a-kind program, called Sparkol VideoScribe. You can check out them at www.sparkol.com.

They cost only a very tiny fraction of the price that a typical videoscribing company would charge, and they let people with zero technical or designer experience create fascinating and engaging animated videos for marketing or presentational purposes.

Here's how Sparkol VideoScribe works:

Sparkol VideoScribe Reviewed

Although there are many reviews on Sparkol's VideoScribe software, here's a list of its most important features to let you know everything that matters:

  • Draw anything right in front of your eyes starting from basic characters to more complex creatures and other objects, too.
  • Scribble any text you enter, no matter how long or short.
  • Change the text's style choosing from hundreds of built-in text templates.
  • Change the background color and style.
  • Add music or narration to your videoscribe to make it even more engaging.
  • Decide how many seconds you'd like any drawing to take (this allows perfect synchronization with your narration, for example)
  • Publish straight to YouTube or save the created video on your own computer.
  • Create unlimited number of videoscribes!

So as you can see, you'll be able to create as many interesting videos for your readers (or audience) as you want to, completely customized to your desires.


Of course, creating videoscribes is not the only way to stand out from the crowd and engage people. You can do that even by creating extremely valuable, original and interesting written content for your audience, too.

However, videoscribes are a proven tool to engage people and make them listen to our message for a longer period, so you may want to use it as a new way to impress your visitors, especially now that there are inexpensive software solutions available as well.