Caiques are an extremely clever bird from the parrot genus. They are very vocal and active birds that require a lot of attention. Owners of these beauties must have time to give them the attention that they need and time to be on the outside of their cage on a daily basis in order to discharge energy and get needed exercise.

Caiques are very loud and most people prefer to have only one because of their vocal talents. However if you don't mind the noise and chatter then having two can be a real treat as they are even more vocal when they are with one of their own.

The lifespan of a Caique in captivity is as long as 25 years. Native to the Amazon, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru, you have a white bellied or a black headed Caiques. The white bellied are green with an orange-yellow head, white belly, bluish primary feathers and a horn colored beak. The black headed will have a black-yellow head, orange or yellow legs and undertail, a pale to deep orange nape and either white or yellowish belly.

You will soon realize that Caiques are extremely playful. When hand raised and trained they enjoy being with people. However they do have a tendency to dominate, with the proper training you will need to stop this type of behavior early. Make sure that you provide your bird with plenty of toys, as they need the stimulation. (You should NEVER purchase a bird that has been taken from the wild, it is not only illegal it is unethical).

You can purchase a Caiques for around $850.00 from a breeder. My recommendation is that you choose a breeder to purchase your bird and not a pet store. Pet stores oft time get their animals from resources that you know nothing of the origin or how they were raised, and in general their prices are 30% higher than a breeder.

As far as being able to tell the difference between a male and a female, as with most parrots the males and females look the same. The only way to determine their sex is either through DNA testing or a surgical procedure, with DNA being safer and preferable.

They enjoy eating fruit that has been cut into bite-sized pieces, banana, grapes, apples, broccoli and sweet potatoes being some of their favorites.

Caring for a Caique is exciting. The more you know about these wonderful birds, the more you will enjoy having them around and the better life they will have in your care.