A wet room is a bathroom that has no specially designated space for the shower. When you shower, there are no confining walls around you so you can splash away, anywhere you like. This is great if you loathe confined spaces, hitting your elbows on the walls or love to move around freely while showering. For those who enjoy taking longer, luxurious showers, this can actually make life more fun.

Another way of looking at this type of open design is that the whole room is now a shower cubicle! The toilet and sink are usually attached to the walls which leaves the floor uncluttered and easily cleaned. The gentle slope of the entire floor toward a central drainage area allows many owners of this type of bath to simply wash the area down right toward the drain.

Shower wet rooms are not common in many Shower Wet Roomhomes because builders are sometimes concerned about the damage to timber and concerned about water leakages. Consequently, many building designers and contractors decided to do away with the design in their basic building plans. However, with more modern building construction material like steel frames and water-resistant membranes and building materials, creating such a bathroom is now fairly practical, though mostly for a smaller second bath.

The advantage of wet room showers is that you are not confined to a small space, nor do you have to worry about sopping up the carpet when you step out, which eventually may lead to a moldy carpet. So, you save space and still make the showering experience more pleasurable.

But there are some disadvantages, too. The disadvantage is not in the bathing area itself but its effect onShower Wet Room (22277) the products on or near bathroom fixtures and toilets. If the space is small, then personal care products will need to be protected so as not to get splashed. All the steam and water will wear down many a roll of toilet paper and soak into hair brushes, deodorant sticks, and other personal care products. Two solutions exist for this problem. One solution, if your bath is large enough, is to have the toilet and vanity cabinet some distance away from the splash zone. The other solution is to have a water resistant vanity cabinet where you can store toilet paper and other things that don't do well when wet. Many choose to have some type to water barrier like a walk in shower enclosure.

Depending on the size of the room and the arrangement of the wash basin and toilet bowl, you can make a big splash in a wet room, even if the space itself is not very large. It might be an idea well worth considering as a way to enhance your lifestyle.