Whey protein can provide a significant boost to your weight loss regime. If you are struggling in your efforts to lose weight and have tried countless diets and exercise regimes then you should seriously consider adding a whey protein shake into the mix. Exercise alone is not generally enough to achieve weight loss and your diet and nutrition is an equally important factor. One of the most important nutrients to gain a lot of during weight loss diets is protein. Indeed many of the most effective diets are centred on a high protein rich diet. However, a common problem with high protein diets is that many of the protein rich foods also contain excessive fats. Another problem is that if you are trying to eat many protein foods in a day it can be problematic trying to prepare many high quality meals if you are a busy person. Whey protein can solve both these problems and it also has many additional benefits which can aid in weight loss.

The primary way in which Whey protein can aid weight loss is that it is a naturally high quality protein. Many scientific studies have shown that a diet centred on increased (but not excessive) levels of high quality protein can significantly aid dieters by increasing weight loss, increasing the loss of body fat, and reducing the amount of muscle tissue lost during the diet. High quality proteins such as whey protein help to preserve lean muscle tissue while you lose fat. Lean muscle is extremely important for weight loss. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body's metabolism will burn throughout the day thus the more fat you will lose overall.

Whey protein is especially useful for weight loss because of the low levels of fat. In particular whey protein and whey protein isolate supplements are popular because they contain less than 1% lactose fat. This enables you to gain the necessary amount of protein without the extra fats that can sneak in. protein shakes are also often recommended for vegetarians and for those who are lactose or gluten intolerant because of the naturally low levels of lactose. Many vegetarian weight loss dieters can struggle to find protein rich alternatives to meat. Well whey protein can provide one solution to this vegetarian weight loss problem.

An additional benefit of whey protein for weight loss is that it also contains GMP-glycomacropeptide which helps to encourage the release of the appetite suppressing hormones. This seriously reduces the likelihood of overeating and binge eating thus helping you to stay on course during the diet. It is also extremely fast and easy to make. All you need to do is to add 2 scoops of protein powder to water or skimmed milk and shake. This makes it a very easy way of getting your daily healthy protein without having to prepare lots of meals. You can fit it in your bag for work as an afternoon snack or for after a gym workout.

Whey protein and weight loss is an extremely effective combination and is fully recommended as part of a weight loss regime. It is fast, easy to prepare and is full of healthy weight loss benefits.