Many individuals hold the belief that all progression of medical science has had all positive effects on humanity. Major strides have been made in the medical community to fight against diseases, cancers, and other fatal illnesses. Campaigns are created to raise funds for these debilitating medical conditions. Teams of researches are put together to find cures for the illnesses that plague the ones we love. At the end of the day, we feel proud of ourselves and more confident in our ability to beat all diseases. However, these advancement of medical science does not come without a price. There are no circumstances that fail to present us with pros and cons. Let’s consider some of the cons of the continuing advancement of medicine.

Doctors With A PatientCredit: By National Cancer Institute [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Natural Selection:

With the major advances we have seen in the medical fields, we have seen countless individuals beat diseases and illnesses that would not have otherwise stood a chance for survival. The process of natural selection is not able to run its course the way it once did. Those with a sickness that would have killed them in infancy or early childhood, are now surviving to the stage of being able to pass the deficient genes onto their children. In essence, we are breeding weaker bodies that are more susceptible to diseases than before.   

Antibiotic Resistant Diseases:

Not only have we made it more likely for individuals that would have died before child bearing ages to reproduce, antibiotic resistant diseases and bacteria continue to evolve. By over using medical advances to treat every virus, the medical community has put humanity at greater risk for contracting diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. We have simultaneously removed ourselves from the natural selection process while accelerating the natural selection process of disease and bacteria strains, making them more difficult to cure.

Medical Costs:

With the amount of research and cost that is associated with producing cures for various diseases and illnesses, there has been a substantial rise in health care costs. Not only are there rise in these costs to find cures, but because these medical issues can be treated, early detection is best. When an individual visits a medical professional, they are run through a series of tests that often times come back inconclusive or negative. Doctors are feeling more and more pressure to push patients to receive these tests to keep them from lawsuits for negligence. All of these advancements of the medical community are hitting the pockets of individuals everywhere.


As we grow increasingly aware of potential illnesses and diseases, our stress and worry levels are on the rise. With access to so much information on conditions, every symptom one may experience will have them running to the computer to investigate what is ailing them. An individual can expect to be run through a series of tests that will amount to nothing as a form of precautions. Not only are we given such access to information, tests, and cures, we have increased the fear of death. Many adopt an attitude of being able to beat any and all diseases, that the natural process of death is no longer something to be expected, rather it is feared. We are no longer preparing ourselves for a life without loved ones, rather preparing for a long fight with disorders and diseases that will hinder the overall enjoyment of life.

Do the pros outweigh the cons in the advancement of medical sciences? Most can agree that regardless of how we have severely hindered the process of natural selection, and put more worry on ourselves, these costs are worth the lives that have been saved. With these cons in mind, however, humanity must focus its attention on how to deal with the negatives that have been brought on by the advancement of medical practices.