Anyone following technology news in the past few months would know that the top platforms among software developers are now Android and iOS. But there are still many applications being released for the Windows Phone platform by Microsoft. This is mainly as a result of Microsoft doing everything that it can to encourage developers to create apps for smart phones running the Windows Phone platform. Indeed, one of the ways to determine just how successful a smart phone operating system will be is by taking a look at how many apps are being developed for it. Some apps fall into the more “serious” and advanced category, such as accounting software. 

Sharing and cloud storage are two things that many software developers for mobile devices are now turning their attention to. There are some integrated apps which are designed to do both. One of these is the Box app, which is currently being developed for smart phones running through Windows Phone. With this app, users are able to see updates on files made by others right on their start screen. It also allows them to upload different types of files, such as documents, images and videos to a cloud storage service. These files can then be shared with others, allowing for collaborative work to take place. Collaboration is a feature that is well sought after in the business world, as it lets an entire team work on a single file, with all the people involved receiving updates when the file has been modified. Box also provides security by letting users set a password for the content that they upload.

One of the reasons why cloud sharing and storage apps are popular for smart phones is that they make sharing information much easier than ever before. Storing several documents on a mobile device may not always be desirable for various reasons. Having too many files, especially larger ones such as videos will quickly use up all the memory on the device. There are also some security concerns, as smart phones can easily get lost or stolen, potentially giving unauthorized users access to sensitive documents. Furthermore, if files are stored locally, sharing documents with others and collaborating on various projects will simply become cumbersome. Cloud based file storage solutions, on the other hand, overcome all of these problems with ease.

The market for cloud based applications is growing day by day. An ever increasing number of users, both individuals and businesses, are realizing the potential that these applications have. In order to compete in this market, markers of cloud based smart phone apps will need to be able to make programs that are available for different mobile platforms, plus offer the users the features they need, such as adequate storage space, rapid resolution of any bugs or technical problems, and a wide array of sharing options that allow the users to share the content they've uploaded with the public or just a select group of people.