How Women Can Freshen Up After the Gym

In the past, you may not have worked out very often because you simply did not have the time. Perhaps you did not want to buy equipment or pay for a membership either. Now, however, many companies have employee gyms right in their buildings. Or, perhaps you have found a running trail near your office that limits your excuses for not exercising. Whatever the reason, when you start working out during the workday, you might feel better about your level of fitness, but you also cannot afford to go back to work looking like a sweaty, disheveled mess. Here are a few tips on how you can freshen up after your workout.

1. Change Clothes
Never work out in the clothes that you wear to work. Make sure you keep a gym bag with you so that you can take your work clothes off and fold them neatly and put on a t-shirt and shorts for your workout. Then, once you are done with your workout, you can put your other clothes back on in the privacy of the bathroom or gym locker room.

2. Cool Off
As you arrange your workout schedule, make sure you allow yourself time to cool off after your run or weight lifting session. Even if you change your clothes, you might still look sweaty and out of breath if you do it too soon. Finish your workout and then allow your pulse to slow down before you head back to work. You should also reapply an antiperspirant for women or one of the Degree Deodorants & Antiperspirants so that you smell fresh.

3. Shower or Clean
If you got sweaty during your workout, you might feel like you need a shower. If your office has a gym, there might be showers available. If not, you might have to improvise in the bathroom sink. After you have allowed yourself to cool down, splash water on your face to clean the dry sweat from it. You can also pack a wash cloth in your gym bag and quickly wipe the dried sweat from your armpits, arms and anywhere else. You could pack baby wipes to help with the process if you would rather clean up in the privacy of a bathroom stall instead of the bathroom sink. And baby powder can help soak up some of the sweat from your body too.

4. Refresh Hair and Makeup
Once you have finished changing and you feel fresh once again, make sure you take a look at your hair and make-up to see what the workout did to them. Keep a few tools along with you to comb and restyle your hair and reapply some of the make-up that may have melted away during the workout. You will go back to the office looking like you did first thing in the morning.

Working out during the day might be the only chance you have and it can certainly be done without anyone noticing if you freshen up once you have completed the workout.