As hard as it might be to believe there was a time when people used large books to find the contact information for a company they wanted to do business with. I know it’s hard to believe in our modern era of smart phones and the Internet, but it’s true and wasn’t all that long ago. Those books still exist, but the ones that haven’t been recycled are mostly being used to shore up lopsided tables and boost small children as they sit proudly at the “grown up” table. It is time to recognize that the Internet has become as indispensable to our daily lives as the telephone and electric coffee maker.

So what does all of this mean to you, the small business owner? It means that if you don’t have a web presence you are missing out on a lot of potential business. The Internet is the modern phone book.  It allows companies to engage their customers in unprecedented ways through blogs and social media. Not only do people look up basic information like phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation they often form their first impression of a company from its website.

The impression your site leaves on your clients means that it has the potential to make or break your company. A site that is poorly designed or looks amateurish can drive away potential clients regardless of how good your company really is. In other words, you might be the best widget manufacturer in the world, but people may not want to buy your widgets because of how they perceive your company from looking at your website. People will act based on their perceptions, so the question to ask is what perception do you want your website to foster?

This is where WordPress can really help you and your business out.

While it has its limitations, WordPress' roots as a blogging platform has meant it has managed to become a powerful Content Management System (CMS) while maintaining the same focus on user friendliness it began with. You can customize it as much as you want with themes and plugins. This allows you to create a web presence for your business that presents the kind of company image you want your clients to see and offers a simple interface to make updating the site very easy. Indeed the costs incurred in installing WordPress are minimal (the software itself is free) so you could potentially receive a nice return on investment.

As a small business owner you really can't ignore your company's web presence. WordPress is an excellent, low-cost, CMS solution. It allows you to focus less on your web site and focus more on important things... like making coffee.