Writing is fun. Many people practice writing to express their true feelings, thoughts, and opinions. However, writing is not for all because only those who have the skills and strive to enhance it could be the ones capable of writing about anything. You cannot be a writer when you do not know the foundation of words, like the vowels and consonant.

Writing  is a complex process of combining different letters, forming words to phrases, to sentences, to paragraphs, and finally into a piece of article, which carries all the details that the author want to relay to his or her readers.

It might be true that writers can be made, through trainings, writing courses, self-help, and some any other ways, although it could not also be denied that there are individuals who are born to write. This is a hobby, which requires intellectual capacity.

Because of the booming article writing opportunities in the online market, many writers all across the globe have become more enthusiastic to show off their writing skills to millions of potential readers. For them, this is great opportunity to make the world know how they can change the way of life using their creative writing styles to touch the hearts and enlighten the minds of people around the world.

Traditional Writing vs. Online Writing

Before the computer was introduced into the real world, writing already exists. With a piece of paper and a pen, you can already write what you want to say in words. Even until now, this method of writing and publishing articles is still practiced especially in academic paper works. Many individuals still prefer most to write in papers first before typing their works and publish it online.

The only difference between writing online and writing in papers is the popularity of your posts. Once you opt to write in papers, there is less exposure of your writings. There will be certain limits on the distribution of your works.

On the other hand, promotions of online articles are just clicks away. Authors need not to go anywhere just to advertise their posts; they do not even have to translate their articles into the language used by a certain population because online tools have many different features that would provide solutions on this matter.

Another great advantage of online writing in this generation is that there are thousands of online article writing opportunities. Many writers start to earn from their articles just posting them online. Their writing services are also of high demand in the online industry.

Whatever method you use in making an article, be it on a traditional or the modern way, if you are a writer, you play an important part in the online and offline world.