Invest in your future from Writing

The potential for earning a living from writing on the internet has increased tenfold over recent years. Do not procrastinate any longer if you enjoy writing. This is the time to increase your earnings by starting now. Many hours invested in writing will increase your earnings as your articles mature. No, you will not become a millionaire overnight, although the potential is there for those prepared to put in the hard work.

The amount of money you earn from writing differs with each individual. Many different factors change this earning potential. The better the article is written with keyword research the more you earn. Keyword search is one of the most important factors to earning money on the internet. As you know we all use search engines every day to find something on the internet and that is how your readers will find your well written and informative articles if you have written them using those keywords.

This is how to reach your earning potential or goal by using sort after keywords, the bonus to writing this way is you can be earning money even while you sleep.

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 Freelance writing

This is where someone pays you to write articles to suit their specifications on subjects of their choice. They pay you a onetime payment, the downside being that article will never earn you  anything again.

The amount earned will vary from different companies or writers. The highly sort after topics and written quality of each article makes a difference. You could start writing articles for lower rates, until you improve your style and quality of writing. This will build up your confidence until you gain more experience.

Obtaining Freelance work

Do your research. Ask other freelance writers for their recommendations. Join the freelance writing forums and see who is earning good money. Beware of the scams. Some companies will pay up front for articles once you establish yourself with well written articles.

You may be required to write essays, articles, reviews or advertisements. It is very important to write your best, always spell check before submitting any work. Another way to check that your writing is readable is to read it out allowed.  If you stumble while reading so will your readers.

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Writing Articles for residual Income

This is where you write a variety of articles on topics of your choice for various sites like the ones listed below, and if you would like to join these you are welcome to join from my link or other links that is your perogrative.

Join Info barrel

Join Squidoo

Join Seekyt

Join Hubpages

There are many more sites that you can also join and write article for, although just a word of advice these sites are all free to join so never pay to join a writing site. To earn money you need to write articles on the internet that potentially earn you ongoing earnings. In other words, when you write for these different sites, you receive ongoing earnings for years to come.

To explain this better, once you have submitted these articles, they are there for potential readers. Readers will click on the ads displayed on your article and this is how you continue to earn over the years. Each time someone clicks on the add you earn a few cents which does add up over time.

Adsense pays you for clicks and impressions from readers to your writing sites. It may be from your website, Blog, or sites like I mentioned. People type into Google looking for information about a particular thing. The best written and informative articles are found first by the search engines. So write good useful and helpful information that your reader will learn something from.

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Others ways of Earning from Writing

Earning money with your Camera

If you have a camera and love taking photos of virtual anything at all then you can earn money with them.  There are sites that allow you to upload those photos on the internet and you can earn money when people view or rate the photos.

Upload Photos at RedGage

Redgage is a great site to join and showcase your photos. First of all you will need to join RedGage before you can start uploading photos.  You can will a $25 contest if you are chosen from these and also bonus amouts.  Plus you earn as people click and comment on them.

E-Book Writing

Have you ever written a collection of poems, short stories or a novel and never done anything with them. If you did, then why not share this with readers and earn money from creating an e-book and selling it on Amazon.

Thirty years ago I wrote a little romance novel and because my dialogue was not the best I did not do anything about it.  Plus I wrote a few little booklets and published them myself and sold them on eBay.  That was a lot of work. 

Now I have finally uploaded them to Amazon and am earning a few dollars from their sales. The best part is that once you put them up there you do not have to worry about them.

Have you written something that you had forgotten all about, if so you could create an e-book of your own with them. And no it is not hard I was a bit scared about doing it at first. It is just another thing to add to your creativeness.


Create your own e-book

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Start Writing and Earning Now


Why should I start writing now? As an example I joined Hubpages two years ago, and still write there. I am still earning money from those articles. Do not be disappointed if some earn nothing very little.  This happens to the best writers never be discouraged.

This is not a quick way to earn hundreds of dollars. Although every well written and informative article you write gives you the potential of ongoing earnings and investment towards your pension and retirement. Plus of course it will help to buy those little extras that everyone needs.

Having said that, the earlier in life you start the longer time each article has to perform and continue to earn you money.

Keeping a Journal

It is very important to keep a journal. Whether you are driving to work, riding on a train or just sitting on the bus stop ideas will pop into your head on things to write an article about. If you don't write it down you will forget that brilliant money earning idea.

Okay, I know you don't believe me but this is a very important part of writing.  Time is money and ideas come and go.  You will not remember that great idea if you do not write it down.

Plus when the boss it out you could always write a quick draft of an idea if you have a journal to write it in.


Do your research.  Read, read, and keep reading other articles and learn how to improve your article writing.  As you learn more about the earning potential of writing on the internet you can go back to those first articles that you wrote and improve them by adding pictures, adding headings and subheadings and breaking up the text into smaller paragraphs so the readers can read them.

If writing is not for you, there are also many other ways to earn money working from home that you could think about.

Those things will incourage more readers to stay on your page.

What are you waiting for start writing today? Set goals. By writing one or two articles a week, you will soon build up your repertoire.  Good Luck.