Do you believe in God?

Most people do and then find themselves wrestling with what organized religion wants them to believe. For instance, the Holy Bible's first passage is: "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." Okay. You can believe that God created the Heavens which would be the Universe and the Earth (in that order). Although I mention the Holy Bible early, this would be the last time I reference it, because I want to just focus on Creator and Science. Where do we start? Let us start at the beginning:

The Big Bang

More than just a theory, it is now a TV show! Although the majority of scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory, the theory only explains what happens after the bang. Nothing in science says anything about what banged, who banged, why it banged or what was there before it banged. 

There is no problem in inserting your belief in God here to explain these unanswered questions. Maybe you believe that God created time, this universe and this dimension. Maybe you believe He has been here all along and just decided one day... Poof! Whatever it is you believe, science allows you to do just that. 


Earth is perfect. Earth and all of its characteristics has been able to provide the perfect circumstances for life to start and evolve on this planet (more on that later).

Life on Earth would not exist if:

Earth's orbit around the sun goes slower or faster than it already is. 

Earth was farther (too cool) or closer (too hot) to the sun. 

Earth's rotation was faster or slower. 

Earth was not tilted on its 23 degree axis. 

Water would not soak up the heat from the sun and then later release that heat at night so the Earth wouldn't cool too much. 

This is amazing stuff and if you want to believe that all of this was at the hands of God, then so be it. 

First Organism

1 in 10^2680 (1 followed by 2,680 zeros)

Would you bet on those odds? I wouldn't either. That is the odds that life just happened by itself. The first living celled organism that occurred in a primordial soup. Most scientists differ on the theories of how this organism came to be, which has given people who believe in Intelligent Design a way to insert the fact that there must of been a helping hand in the creation of the first living cell. It's okay to believe that God had something to do with the first living celled organism. 

Human Consciousness

There was one moment in Human History when the caveman stopped becoming an animal and started being human. Most scientists believe this was when the first human achieved consciousness, or self awareness. Most scientists credit the evolutionary process, but again, one can use God to believe that his Hand had an influence in this. 

The Soul (Weight & Chemistry)

Another part of religion that scientists just cannot explain or regard as accurate is the human soul. A way that human beings will be able to rise from the dead and ascend into their perspective heaven. There are two factors that lead believers to the soul using scientific reasoning. The first is chemistry. It was popularized by the TV show Breaking Bad, but has since been argued against. The fact there is a missing element in the human body that scientists cannot account for, of about 0.111958% missing. 

The second are a series of tests that have been conducted in very controlled experiments that dealt with a person on their death bed that has also included a weight scale down to its minuscule decimal places.  Once the person passes and takes their last breath, moments pass as the weight in decimal places starts to decline. Leading some to believe that this is the human soul leaving the body. 

Whatever it is that you believe, remember to respect others opinions as you would want to be respected for yours. Thank you.

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