Don't Get Caught Without It

If you have a boiler in your home, you may have considered whether it is worth taking out insurance to cover potential breakdowns. It is likely that you have wondered if doing so is cost-effective or whether leaving matters to fate is the best option. According to the energy site, insuring your boiler will cost you roughly £100, as opposed to the average breakdown bill people face of £320 including parts and labour. Additionally, if your boiler is cranky, you might need to pay for numerous call-outs if you do not have protection. It is clear that boiler insurance could save you money, but there are many other advantages you might also benefit from that could help you make up your mind.


Less stress

The BBC report that people think of money problems as a greater cause of stress and depression compared to losing someone they love or managing an illness. Insuring your boiler could leave you with one less money-related strain about which to worry. Having to raise funds to fix your boiler in the depths of winter when cash is short, might leave you stressed and in a financial crisis. However, if potential money-draining circumstances such as breakdowns are covered, you can relax.


Less difficulty

In addition to financial strain, protection could save you from having to hang on the phone for hours, after scouring the Yellow Pages as you search for a reliable repairer. In the wintertime, most people’s boilers seem to break down at once, leaving decent repairers hard to find. However, choose a contract that includes limitless call-outs to professional engineers and you will not need to worry. In addition, instead of paying for each new call-out, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief upon knowing that you do not need to dig deep into your wallet.


Less time without hot water and heating

When it is cold outside the last problem you want to deal with is a lack of heat and hot water inside. Finding someone to repair your boiler can be difficult when you do not have insurance. In addition, waiting for your boiler to be fixed can leave you cold. When you have an insurance premium in place, you are likely to be able to get problems fixed quickly and efficiently without needing to hang around in a chilly abode for a long period.


It is particularly important that heating problems in your home be solved speedily if you are elderly. The Guardian report that living in a chilly home can have an adverse effect on your health, and that more age-related deaths occur in cold homes during the winter months than during warmer months. In addition, heart and circulatory diseases, prevalent in the over sixty-fives, are aggravated by cold temperatures. If you have insurance cover, you can rest assured that you will not be left shivering in an unhealthy environment.


In addition, having your boiler fixed quickly will mean that you will be able to enjoy the use of hot water sooner, whereas not being able to wash the dishes or take a shower would have been an unwanted problem.


Free Boiler Check

If you are wise when selecting insurance for your boiler, you will choose a service that provides an annual check as a standard practice. Without insurance, a service could cost you anything between £50 to £180 depending on the type of boiler you have. Opting for cover that includes a boiler check might cost a few pounds more than settling for one that does not, but you might save a large amount of money because of having done so.


Getting boiler insurance could protect you from various difficulties and so benefit you immensely. Knowing that cover could provide freedom from added financial and emotional stress, help keep cold-related illness at bay, and save you time, and of course money, might just be enough to sway your opinion in favour of opting for a premium. Throw in the lack of an annual service charge for your boiler and the option of numerous call-outs and you might consider insurance a worthwhile prospect.

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