Ever hear of someone who supported themselves by pursuing their creative talents as an income stream? Not an impossible feat.

Baking, for a lot of families, is merely an occasional activity, but individuals who take time to create absolutely delectable baked goodies and delight in making them for relatives and co-workers, will soon discover that their passion can be a truly profitable and satisfying business opportunity – in every sense of the word.

While being in the kitchen may be the most fun part, selling baked goodies and turning it into a company, if you so decide, would require some business-related work that would take you out of the home.

• Stop by an area school and inquire if you may offer cakes for the annual bake sale.
This should be a wonderful way to introduce your baked treats initially to your community.
• Stop in at an area coffee house to see if you can leave a sample of your baked goods and see how they sell.
This can very well be your first attempt to sell 'commercially'. Don't scrimp on good packaging and really study the price tag you will be placing on it.
• Go to sandwich places who also have baked goods at the check-out.
Often this is a quick approach to see how your 'market' reacts. Because a person can just pick it up, no need to market as the baked wares just might sell without help.
• A lot of folks prefer organic products, so if you utilize anything organic, be sure to note it. You may also offer some sugar-free pastries for the elderly market.
Point out what's best or exactly what distinguishes yours from any other pastry.
• Get a website
Use new media to involve people outside your area. You can very well work in the comfort of your home without necessarily renting out a store space in the mall or in the supermarket.
• Print up some business cards/flyers.
Nobody knows you're out there! Place contact information and merchandise options so they'll be easily on hand whenever the client's craving calls. Be ready to answer phone calls and web inquiries once you decide to have fliers. A client's first contact with your business has to be hassle-free so they trust that you can really deliver the type of product and quality you are offering.

• Ask a friend to tell a friend.
The most powerful marketing is word of mouth advertising. When someone spreads the word about your business, it can really bring a new array of profitable customers right to your door.

A variety of home-baked treats wrapped with well-planned marketing and selling techniques can most assuredly bring you a creative and profitable opportunity. Just be consistent with the quality of your wares and don't forget to appreciate the loyal market base that you have and before you know it, you will be the favorite 'baker' for many, many people.

Always add a pinch of passion and whisk together with good will and you surely enjoy sweet success – literally and figuratively.