Are you a high school athlete who would like to go on to play college football on a football scholarship? While it is not easy to win a scholarship, you can be awarded an athletic scholarship to play football if you put in the work and dedication to get that scholarship. I will give you tips and advice on how you can develop a plan to earn a football scholarship. Please be advised. If you are not in the top 1 percent of high school football players who are good enough to play at any college then it is going to be hard work to earn a scholarship. So with that, read on to learn how to get a scholarship.

1. First, you have to evaluate your talent level. Not every player is a College Division One player. These players are the best of the best and are worthy of receiving a full athletic scholarship in a college coach's eyes. However if you don't fit in this category, then all hope is not lost. You can earn a scholarship to a Division Two school or even get a nice financial aid package at a Division Three school.

2. You need to attend summer football camps of the colleges that interest you. This is the best way to get on a football coach's recruiting board. You have to dominate at the camp and stand out from the other campers.

3. Go to training camps and combines for recruting services like and These are two premier recruiting services and if you perform well at their camps and send them game film in which you are dominating, then they will blast your name out there to colleges and give you promotion to college coaches.

4. Make sure you are focusing on your academics in high school as well. No matter how good you are in football, a college football coach can't offer you a football scholarship if you aren't eligible to be accepted at their university. So be sure to get good grades and take the ACT and/or SAT early and often in your high school career.

5. Make sure you are constantly working on techniques relevant to your position. You also need to be lifting weights and constantly running to work on your speed, quickness, and strength.

6. Lastly, be sure to send college coaches game film of you. You should make a tape with two full games and a highlight tape with 20-30 of your best plays. Also, work with your high school coach and/or your parents to contact coaches directly and let them know of your interest in their football program. Ask them to mail you a questionairre, try to set up a visit to their school, attend their football camp, and do everything in your power to help you earn a football scholarship from that college coach.

In conclusion, I am not guaranteeing you will receive a scholarship if you follow these steps but they will definitely increase your chances of winning an football scholarship!!! For more great tips and advice on how to become a better football players and improve your football game, click here. Also, if you find that you don't earn a football scholarship then click here to learn tips and good advice on how to survive as a college walk on for a college football and possibly earn a football scholarship. Good Luck!