5 tips to help you beat your addiction to cigarettes

Millions of us take the decision to quit smoking each day, and there are many excellent reasons to. Giving up your cigarettes can potentially save you thousands annually, add years to your life and dramatically reduce the risk of most cancers (A modern study looked at over 1,000,000  women and found that ladies who quit smoking before they reach their 30’s cut back the chance of lung most cancers by up to 97%. and women who give up earlier than forty can increase life expectancy by a decade!).

So with all that stated listed below are a few guidelines to help you give up smoking straight away!

1. Create a list of the personal reasons why you wish to give up smoking.

Writing down your reasons for quitting smoking is very helpful.. This allows you to visualise the reasons and enable you to say no to that cigarette you may be craving. Maybe you wish to stop smelling of smoke each and every time you meet someone. Perhaps stop spending so much money on cigarettes? Or maybe you wish to spend more time with your family by living longer.

If you feel the urge to smoke, read your list and take into account each and every one before you light up that cancer stick.

2. Track your savings.

Keeping track of any savings you have made is a great motivator. A brilliant idea is to put the money you would usually spend on a pack of cigarettes into a money box. If you smoked twenty a day, then put that amount into your savings. You will be amazed just how quickly those savings add up (and how much!). You will be taking that luxury cruise holiday before you know it.

3. Reward yourself.

Now that you have saved so much money, why not treat yourself for being so good? You could buy a new TV or Blu Ray Player. You could go on a night out with some friends, or why not go on an experience day or spa day. Go on, treat yourself! You’ve done so well!

4. Workout.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a gym junkie or pound the streets for hours on end. A little light exercise has been shown to decrease your body’s cravings while giving up. Something small like yoga or a brisk 15 minute walk will do the trick. Just think of all the added health benefits as well!

5. Be ready for withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are a pain. Every smoker who has ever quit has gotten through them though, and so can you! If you know they are coming, it is a great deal easier to deal with them. Set yourself a plan for when they arrive. Instead of going for that cigarette, go and have a cup of tea, or a glass of water. Maybe you could go and wash your face to feel refreshed or perhaps just have a stress ball at the ready for you to squeeze! Put simply, if you already know what’s coming it makes it so much easier to care for. 

It is also wise to be prepared for a “smokers cough”. Many people suffer with a very bad cough when they quit smoking. Don’t worry though. As before, this is normal and many have gotten through this. Just remember that it won’t last forever.

The truth is that quitting smoking is not going to be easy! It’s known as an addiction for a reason! I am sure though that armed with these tips and some willpower you will be healthier, wealthier and smoke-free before you know it.