Alexa is a website that monitors, digests, and ranks web pages. Each website is given a numerical rating. You can find many stats on Alexa but the stat that we are looking at is the web page ranking.

Each website is given a number. The lower the number then the more popular that website is. If a website has a ranking of 5,138 then that website ranking means it is the 5,138th most trafficked website, according to Alexa.

The Alexa ranking for InfoBarrel has continued to climb. The goal we should have as writers for InfoBarrel is to help get the Alexa ranking of InfoBarrel into the top 500 of all websites in the world. With the backbone of the InfoBarrel platform, this can be achieved.

InfoBarrel will probably become a top 500 web property whether we as InfoBarrel users try to help increase the Alexa ranking or not. If all pitch in, we can get the Alexa ranking increased a lot sooner, and that benefits everybody that writes for InfoBarrel.

More people will consider writing for InfoBarrel if it is a highly ranked website. If a writer is considering signing up for InfoBarrel, they may decide to simply because they see that Alexa has InfoBarrel ranked very high.

This will lead to more people writing for InfoBarrel which leads to more traffic which will lead to more exposure for all InfoBarrel writers. The more traffic InfoBarrel receives and the more exposure we receive, the more we earn. It will benefit all of us to help InfoBarrel get ranked highly with Alexa.

How You Can Help InfoBarrel Increase Its Alexa Ranking

There are a few things that you can do as an individual user of InfoBarrel to help InfoBarrel to increase its Alexa ranking.

Alexa Tool Bar
The most important thing you can do is too download the Alexa toolbar. You can get the Alexa tool bar for both FireFox and Internet Explorer.

When you download and install the Alexa toolbar, the toolbar will track all the websites you visit. As writers for InfoBarrel, you are bound to spend a lot of time on the InfoBarrel website. You will surf the articles, publish new articles, read the InfoBarrel blog, and spend a lot of time on the InfoBarrel forum. When you have an Alexa toolbar installed, each time you visit the InfoBarrel website it will help to increase the Alexa Traffic Ranking.

If all active users of InfoBarrel would use the Alexa toolbar we could greatly increase the Alexa Traffic Ranking of InfoBarrel, which could lead to an influx of new writers.

Write New Articles
The other thing you can do too help InfoBarrel to get a better Traffic Ranking is too write new articles. Many people around the world use the Alexa toolbar, and the more articles you write the better chance you have of an Alexa toolbar user to find the InfoBarrel website.

Take advantage of the Auto Tweet feature on InfoBarrel and you will be able to drive a little bit of traffic to InfoBarrel.

I have used the Alexa toolbar for both Internet Explorer as well as FireFox. I prefer the FireFox Alexa toolbar. One of the reasons I do not use Google Chrome as my internet browser is because of the Alexa toolbar. The Google Chrome Browser does not have an Alexa tool bar available. FireFox and Internet Explorer are the only browsers that have an Alexa toolbar available for download.

Download the Alexa toolbar and write new articles. If all of us Active users of the InfoBarrel platform do this, we can help get the Alexa Page Rank increased for InfoBarrel. This will lead to more money for all of us who write for InfoBarrel.