The holidays are a time for giving more than receiving. We need to get back to helping others less fortunate than we are during the holidays in any way we can.

Things You Will Need

Time Food

Step 1

Donate your time- Charities always gladly accept cash, but many of these charities run on shoe string budgets with little staff, so your time and expertise can be just as valueble as cash. Most orginizations will match you up with local charities that suit your interests. You can even deduct your fuel mileage on your taxes for going back and forth donating your time.

Step 2

Non-cash contributions- Clean out your closets and donate unwanted or uneeded clothes,appliances,furniture and other items to non-profit orginizations that sponsor thrift shops like Goodwill and the salvation army. Many of these orginizations accept donated frequent flyer miles also.

Step 3

Food Pantries- You can donate can foods to your local food pantries and you can even volunteer to cook at one of the food pantries or soup shelters during the holidays

Step 4

Adopt a family- Numerous social and religeous orginizations sponsor programs that will align you with a family in crisis. You can provide services such as helping them pay their rent or utilities to educational tutoring for their children to playing santa clause

Step 5

Donate toiletries to homeless shelters. This includes: tooth paste, tooth brush, toilet paper, shaving cream, disposable razors, towels and rags.

Step 6

Donate Blood- I cant think of any better way to give than to give away your own blood.

Step 7

Angel tree- This is a tree that is set up in most major retail stores that has paper angels on it. Each angel represents a underpriveleged child. The angel usually comes with the childs name and what they want for christmas. Take one of the angels and if you have the means, get them what they ask for(usually shoes or clothes). You will feel good about it and you will be making a tremendous impact on a child and you will be gibing them a christmas that they wouldnt otherwise have. By helping others during the holidays, you will also be helping yourself learn how to give out of pure love for mankind.

Tips & Warnings

Be preprared for scams. Be wary of un solicited phone calls or e-mails seeking monetary contributions or anything of value. Most all legitimate contribution seekers have websites. Make sure you visit that website to verify their legitimacy before committing anything. Never give out your personal information, including your credit card information or social security card unless you initiated the call yourself and have researched the company.