Most people learn in their secondary classes that trees provide the oxygen that we need to stay alive. While most people know these common facts, they do not realize that if they do not act to prevent deforestation that our common oxygen source is going to cease to exist. This is because very few people who consume paper products on a daily basis stop to realize how their actions are slowly destroying the environment. The words 'prevent deforestation' may make you think of an activist group, but the truth is that it does not have to be this difficult.

In fact, there are many ways that normal people can prevent deforestation that hardly require action on their part, but just need the small contributions of a widespread community to have effective results. For example, there are many charities you can denote just 4-5 pounds to that will help prevent deforestation in the future as the contributions will help fund lobbyists groups that can stop the continual destruction of the world's natural rainforests. Simply packing your lunch in a lunch pail instead of a brown paper bag can save hundreds of trees over your life time if you make the change now and stop using unneeded paper.

Recycling is also a grand way to prevent deforestation as every piece of paper, cardboard, or other paper goods that is reused is one less tree that needs to be destroyed to meet your day to day paper needs. Internet use in itself instead of written communication is also another grand way to preserve paper and thus reduce the amount of trees that are killed on a daily basis. However, it is important to note that simply reusing paper is not the only way to prevent deforestation as there are other elements involved as well.

In order to fully prevent deforestation, the rainforests need to have their native species protected so that every species from plants to animals to trees can co-exist in a bio diverse habitat. This way the full order of the rainforest is restored or maintained so that there is no cause for deforestation and the trees that are still standing are able to continue to produce oxygen. This is one thing that many people do not realize needs to be in order to properly prevent deforestation which is why donations to lobbyist groups can help the proper authorities take care of these tasks.

Since deforestation is growing at an alarming rate, there is no way to completely prevent deforestation unless a large group of people come together to understand how deforestation affects every life on the planet. With enough support, physical, monetary, and active, it is possible to prevent deforestation and create a better world for future generations to inherit instead of one where nature's most pressure resource has already been exploited. Therefore, bearing in mind the importance of oxygen to our environment, you may want to pay attention to activities that aim to prevent deforestation and consider taking a more active role yourself.