I'm not terribly keen on InfoBarrel's category navigation structure. I don't know why that is, but it does mean I rarely use it. What I do like is the ability to interlink between articles, profiles and forum topics on the site.

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Why Interlink?

Wikis are the most massively interlinked sites on the web, and they do appear to benefit from this. Not just from search engine traffic, but also by improving user experience. Read an article on Wikipedia, and you'll see many internal links that you can click to find out more information. Even relatively small stub articles can have  several links pointing to them; larger ones can have thousands of internal links when those from Wikipedia User pages are counted.

Interlink Properly

If the link isn't just a link from the article title, but instead is from anchor text, be careful how you do it. The destination article needs to be relevant to the anchored text. Don't link to an article on loans using the anchor text "gardening". Okay, a bizarre example admittedly, but the concept is still valid. Such links not only decrease the benefit to the user, but search engines are getting better at detecting that those links are garbage, and may penalise both pages.

LinksCredit: SXC.HUInterlink Your Own Articles

Currently, I've got an Excel spreadsheet in which I mark down a number of things related to every article. One item is other articles linked to on InfoBarrel, another is other people's articles linked to and a third is topics mentioned in the article. There are a number of other details I also make a note of.

When I write a new article, I can then search to see if there are any other articles I've written that I could link to.

For example, How Can I Protect My Precious Files? has the following topics listed in the spreadsheet:

Cloud Hosting, Backup, Norton, Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Live Mesh, SkyDrive, Hard Drives, Hardware.

If I write an article on any of those topics, I can then link to the new article from the original one. This does on occasion give ideas for new article topics.

Interlink To Other People's Content

Interlinking your own articles is good, but it is also a good idea to link to other people's content also. That way, all your links aren't pointing to article that you have written, and helps improve the site as a whole, which then benefits your articles.

I have a forum thread, Looking for articles to link to, in which I've posted article topics that I'm looking to link to from existing articles of mine. These are basically topics that I'm unlikely to write an article on. If you have any articles that fit in the topics, please post a reply.

Some Useful Generic Articles To Link To

I've come across some fairly generic articles that can be linked to from other articles fairly easily.

By x3xsolxdierx3x



By ChristinaJ


By CivChild


I'd be interested in adding more to this list.

The Benefits

So, why bother interlinking your articles to your own articles, let alone other people's? Well, even with the recent Google algorithm changes, wikis are still ranking pretty well, as they are considered authority sites. This results in greater organic search engine traffic, which can also create greater traffic to any sites linked to from them.

By helping improve InfoBarrel's internal linking, it should also improve its status as an authority site. Whilst not a wiki, it is still possible to add a degree of wiki-like relevant internal linking to it, benefiting everybody.