One of the biggest problems when it comes to playing competitive sports, are the injuries athletes often suffer while playing. Injuries are very much apart of the game and are bound to happen at one point or another to you or someone on your team. While injuries are unavoidable and happen to the best of athletes, you can take measures to limit the likelihood of you being injured. Read on to learn tips you can take to limit your chances of being injured. This article is especially great advice for athletes who play in contact sports like football, basketball, or rugby.

Step 1: The most important thing you can do as an athlete is stay in shape. If you are in shape you will be less likely to be injured. During the game, when an athlete takes a break during play because he is tired, or doesn't execute the right technique because of fatigue, then he or she runs the risk of being injured. Therefore, it is important for you to get in excellent and stay there. You will be less likely to be fatigued in a game and therefore less likely to be injured.

Step 2: You need to work on your flexibility constantly if you are an athlete. This is critical to your athletic performance and can cut down on the likelihood of you being injured. You will improve your range of motion and make your muscle more flexible. This will allow you to be put in more akward positions and not be injured because you are more flexible.

Step 3 A rigorous weight training program will also help prevent you from being injured. Lifting weights will strengthen you tendons, ligaments, and muscles which will allow your body to withstand more wear and tear and not break down. You need to focus on the smaller muscles in your body like your forearms, feet, calves, and shoulders in addtion to the larger muscles of your body, especially if you play contact sports like football.

Step 4 Lastly, you want to make sure you are warmed up and properly stretched before you partake in a athletic event. Make sure your blood is flowing well, and you are loose. Also when you are playing, you want to make sure you are executing the proper technique for your sport. This is important. Not using correct technique will increase the chances of you being injured. This is important. Remember, its best to build up a light sweat before you partake in any athletic event.

In conclusion, following these tips will help you cut down on the chances of you being injured in sports. Good luck and work hard!